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Shopping at iTunes Japan--from America

Web vendor jbox offers iTunes Japan Music Cards from its online site. With one of these cards you can make purchases at the Japan iTS. The cards obviously come at a slight premium. A 1500 yen card, which is worth just under $13 in real US money costs $18 at the site. A 3000 card, worth closer to $2...

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How iTunes saved NBC's 'The Office'

Our old friend Dave pointed us to a Newsday article discussing how iTunes essentially took NBC's The Office off the chopping block, where it was headed last year after disappointing Nielsen ratings, and catapulted it to "the Seinfeld of iTunes." If you're not a Seinfeld fan that might be meaningles...

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Best Buy Digital Music Store is latest to take on iTunes

Have you heard the big news? Best Buy, RealNetworks and SanDisk have teamed up to launch a new digital music store, powered by Real's Rhapsody 4.0 - doing their part to save digital music everywhere from extinction. To help kick things off, Puff Daddy Sean Combs Sean Puffy Combs Fuzzy Wuzzy P. Didd...

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First impressions: buying a game from the iTunes Store

Scott beat me to buying a movie from the store and posted his first impressions, so I thought I would move on to the new games section (iTS link) of the store. The games work with 5G iPods (of which I am an owner) as well as the newly announced 5.5G iPods. I can't decide whether I'm surprised you ca...

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Roundup of the other new iTunes 7 features

We've given you a walkthrough of the heavy hitting new features in the just-released iTunes 7. We've shown you the new backup feature, as well as the slick new reverse syncing, and we've even explored how the new iTunes 7 UI could hint at an Aqua renaissance in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. No...

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Apple announces iTunes 7

Scott nailed it right on the head ladies and gents: one of the big announcements of today's event was a much-updated iTunes version 7, bringing a slew of new shopping, organizing and playing options to Apple's media software. As of this writing, Apple hasn't made the new software available yet, so w...

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iTunes to be rebranded as "Showtime?"

There might be more to the iTunes store being down than we originally thought. A little bird sent us a tip that belies the possibility that the 'Showtime' buzzword Apple's been using to promote their special event today could be the actual new name of the iTunes/Music/Movie Store and software. This ...

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TUAW "It's Showtime!" predictions

It's that time ladies and gentlemen: the pre-event post where the TUAW team put it all on the line and offer up their predictions on what we'll be throwing down our credit cards for after tomorrow's It's Showtime special event. In all actuality, there isn't much on the line for us, but it's still fu...

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A list of potential movies and a name change for the iTMS

DVguru, a sister blog, is just as excited for an iTunes Music Movie Store as we are, and they've been doing their own digging into what Apple's September 12th "It's Showtime" special event could bring. The gurus of all things DV found a post at containing a supposed list of movies that w...

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That awesome OK Go video is in the iTMS

OK Go is a pretty rocking little band signed to a major label, but they release their videos using the grassroots goodness of the internets like YouTube and Google Video. Their latest craze is the video for a song called Here It Goes Again, and it's the work of pure genius. While the video is of cou...

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MySpace challenges (?) iTunes with indie music store

MySpace has joined the recent crowd of iTunes wanna-be's. MySpace announced Friday that before the end of 2006 it will give unsigned, independent bands a place to sell their music. Musicians will be able to sell tunes on their own MySpace pages and on fan pages. And here's the best news--the MP3's s...

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myTunes brings a GUI to stripping iTMS DRM

These crazy hackers are moving fast these days, but Engadget has stayed in stride by providing a walk-through of myTunes, a GUI front-end to QTFairUse (sadly, Windows only - for now), that python code they mentioned earlier this week (not to be confused with any other products by the name of 'myTune...

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iTMS movie downloads in September - but only one studio on board so far?

The rumors are flying even faster in the last couple days that movies could appear in the iTMS as early as September. We're hearing that Apple might have an event planned in San Francisco for Sept. 12th, where they could announce iTMS movies, or simply a $300 leather case for their $350 iPod Hi-Fi. ...

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iTMS offers cultural explorations through music with new Back to School section

Just in time for a new fall semester, the iTMS has introduced a Back to School (iTMS link) section, offering playlists based on the many cultures, cliques and stereotypes that (love it or hate it) exist and collide on so many college campuses across our great planet. Groups like Hipsters, Hippies, ...

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Bob Dylan iPod ad on

Even the great Mr. Dylan is getting in on the iPod promo fun, as a new iPod ad featuring the man himself has been posted on Apple's site. This particular iPod ad seems to break away from the norm, featuring a non-silhouetted Dylan, a plain white background and a dancer + iPod. It's also a promotion ...

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