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Sony TV shows added to the iTunes Store

Macworld reports that some Sony shows have just been added to the iTunes store. Amongst the new offerings are: Charlie's Angels NewsRadio Starsky and Hutch Till Death Spiderman All the more content for that brand new Apple TV you just bought (you knew I had to work that in somehow)....

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Gear Media Tech podcast from the Pixel Corps

Leo and his growing band of merry podcasters can *not* stop generating media, and one of their latest efforts just might give the rest of us a smoother ride while hopping on the bandwagon. Gear Media Tech (iTS podcast link) is a new podcast headlined by Leo Laporte, Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay (wh...

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Apple announces Lionsgate Movies now in the iTunes Store

Apple today announced the availability of movies from the Lionsgate studio in the iTunes Store. Blockbusters like Terminator 2, LA Story and Basic Instinct are available today, with more than 150 titles on their way by the end of the month. Unfortunately, this looks like another Paramount score - u...

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Questioning the security of a closed FairPlay

Ken Fisher at Ars Technica thinks something smells fishy about Steve Jobs's claims that licensing a DRM system will lead to its defeat. By comparing the security track records of iTunes's FairPlay and Microsoft's rival and heavily-licensed PlaysForSure, Ken might also have a good point. As history...

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Apple Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. finally settle trademark dispute, still no major iTunes release from Beatles

Apple Inc. and the Beatles' record label Apple Corps Ltd. have finally buried the hatchet and settled their very, very on-going dispute over 'Apple' related trademarks. After more than a decade of fighting over Apple's use of the name in selling music-related products, as well as music itself with t...

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WWDC sessions available to all ADC members on iTunes

Back in October, Apple dropped DVDs as their distribution system of choice for WWDC sessions and presentation slides. The company moved all this content to iTunes - but only for Select and Premiere members of the ADC (Apple Developer Connection). Today I just received an ADC email titled "Watch M...

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iTunes now 4th largest music retailer

In case your synapses are still blown with iPhone, a quick trip back to the beginning of the keynote today: the iTunes Music Store has sold over two billion songs, and is now the fourth largest music retailer in the US, ahead of and sneaking up on #3 Target. So much for the faux slowdown....

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iTunes: Free Tuesday

Welcome to another free TUAW iTunes Tuesday. Each week, we set off to find the latest free deals from the iTunes stores around the world. Here is this week's collection of freebies. It went live a little late today but it's full of fresh free goodies for your collection. US Music US: Le Disko (Radio...

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The iTunes Bowl - College Football games coming to the iTS

As an big college football fan, this got my attention. Playlist is reporting that Fox Sports will bring entire bowl games to the iTunes Store. Erica previously noted that iTunes is changing the way people watch sports. As a commenter on that thread pointed out, this is a godsend for sports addicts ...

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On declining iTunes Store sales

The Register rang the town bell this week, pouncing on a report from Forrester Research which declared that iTunes Store sales are on the decline. Forrester analyzed 27 months of credit card transactions to conclude that revenue has fallen 65 percent since January 2006, and the size of the average t...

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iWoz on iTunes

iWoz - From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It has made its way into the audiobook section of the iTunes Music Store (iTs link). All 9 hours and 14 minutes of it. Patrick Lawlor does a fine job of narrating it, but he sounds noth...

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New iTunes Gift Card designs from Apple

iTunes Gift Cards are great gifts for music, movie and/or TV-loving friends and family on your Christmas list. And now you have a wider variety of designs to choose from when you pick one up at your local Apple Store. ITunes Gift Cards are $10 and up and are no longer Music Store-centric. Now there ...

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Man runs up 8k tab in iTunes Store, fiancée dumps him

In response to a call for readers' most embarrassing DVD purchases on Entertainment Weekly's website, Dalton Ross got an interesting comment from a woman named Susan who thought it might be fun to share with the world why her engagement was called off. I used to wonder how my husband-to-be had more ...

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Rumor: iTunes Store could get flexible album pricing

Certainly one of the drawbacks to buying music on the iTS is the single vs. album purchase: sure you can buy a song or two from an album, or maybe the hot pre-release single, but what happens if you want the rest of the album later, or when it's completely released? This has been a catch with tradit...

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Disney/Pixar's Cars movie now in iTunes, special pricing

Although I'm getting older and grayer by the day, I'm still really a kid at heart. That's probably why I love the movie Cars. I love it so much that it's about to become the very first full-length movie that I personally purchase on iTunes. Cars was released today in the iTunes Store [iTS link] an...

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