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iTunes 10 quick tip: Liking a song in Ping

Here's a quick tip for iTunes that puzzled a few of us this morning: once you've gone ahead and set up Ping in iTunes 10, how do you 'like' a song instead of an album? The albums have those handy thumbs-up buttons, but it's not as obvious for songs. A bit of exploration reveals that the 'Like' ...

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Five dislikes plus five likes equals iTunes 10

Before I get rolling here, let me warn you -- I'm not a frequent user of iTunes. I don't spend all of my time purchasing new music, videos, and movies, nor do I obsess over creating playlists to share with my friends. However, I do use it often enough that after firing up iTunes 10 last night, I ...

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iTunes 101: How to set up Ping

Apple has jumped into the social media pool with both feet by introducing Ping to iTunes 10. Since this is brand-new, we'll show you how to set it up and start pinging your friends. Whatever that means. After installing iTunes 10, you'll see the Ping button. Click it to enter your Apple ID and be...

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iTunes 10. It lives

Have you been waiting all day for iTunes 10 to go live? It finally has. Although the download page remains a little spotty, this direct link seems to work fine for downloading. We're installing our version right now and will update with fun iTunes facts as we discover them. Happy Pinging, everyon...

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New iTunes features Ping social media network

Steve Jobs announced iTunes 10 today, complete with a new logo. The core interface does not receive much tweaking, however in the list view there is a hybrid view where if you have more than 5 songs from the same album, it will show you the album artwork. Most of the new release's focus is on ...

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