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iTunes collects season finales for you

Say what you will about the video quality of iTunes content, but it sure is convenient to download an episode or two of a show that you missed when it aired. The web elves that run the iTunes Store are determined to make it even more convenient it would seem, as they have gathered all the TV season ...

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Star Trek in iTunes (again)

Back in January, episodes of the original Star Trek TV series were added to the US iTunes store. Then they disappeared, and now they're back again - two times over. Specifically, the original first season [iTunes link], is listed separately from the digitally enhanced episodes from the same season [...

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Super Bowl highlights now in iTunes

If you want to relive that abysmal game for only $1.99US (it's a 22 minute video), just click here to be taken to the iTunes Store. Now that the season is over, I wonder if that's the end of NFL content in iTunes? The Pro Bowl will be played this weekend, and the NFL Network (which has been providin...

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How Apple helps the environment

Are you paying attention, Greenpeace? Blogger Chiggs at Torents examines the iTunes Store's impact on the environment, and it's a favorable one. The production of a single CD results in aluminum, nickel, dyes, polycarbonates and more. At this month's Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs announced that the iTun...

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iTunes now 4th largest music retailer

In case your synapses are still blown with iPhone, a quick trip back to the beginning of the keynote today: the iTunes Music Store has sold over two billion songs, and is now the fourth largest music retailer in the US, ahead of and sneaking up on #3 Target. So much for the faux slowdown....

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Shopping at iTunes Japan--from America

Web vendor jbox offers iTunes Japan Music Cards from its online site. With one of these cards you can make purchases at the Japan iTS. The cards obviously come at a slight premium. A 1500 yen card, which is worth just under $13 in real US money costs $18 at the site. A 3000 card, worth closer to $2...

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Pre-order page on the iTunes Music Store

First Apple gave us one spot to get all those sweet, sweet free videos from the iTunes Music Store. Now, they have collected all the albums (do they still call them albums?) that are available for pre-order in one place. Apple has dubbed this page 'Tommorow's Hits Today,' which is kind of catchy. Ge...

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iTunes Music Store: resistance is futile

The Associated Press says the writing is on the wall: either your music is available on iTunes or you're irrelevant. The article points out that several artists that were resistant to having their music available online have given in (and flagging CD sales aren't helping). However, there are still ...

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Should Apple rename the iTunes Music Store?

After I finished my last post I got to thinking (dangerous, I know): the iTunes Music Store name is hopelessly out of date. Let's think for a moment of all the things you can download from the iTMS: Music Music Videos Television Shows Short Films If you include the podcasting section then...

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Wh- What? Metallica in iTunes!

Forget the bluetooth Mighty Mouse, today's huge news is that Metallica's catalog has been added to the iTunes Music Store [iTunes link]. You may remember how vehemently anti-download this band has been since the Napster days. Either the guys have mellowed a bit (isn't that what this movie was about?...

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Microsoft's Zune will target iPod/iTunes

When it comes to producing an iPod killer, Microsoft may finally be putting its (considerable) money where its mouth is. The company announced on Friday that a new line of portable media devices and online service, collectively known as "Zune," will target the iPod and iTunes Music Store. The hard d...

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New TV shows in US iTMS

Several new shows have been added to the US iTunes Music Store, including Blade: The Series (the first offering from the Spike network), TV Land's Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg and Viva La Bam from MTV, the show I'm obviously too old to "get." Check 'em out....

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Music/video combos added to iTunes

Apple has added music/video combo deals to the iTunes music store [iTunes link]. A new page has been set up that lets you buy either the song you're after for $0.99US or its accompanying video for $1.99US (as usual), or you can get both for $2.49US. It's not huge news (I'm still waiting for the upda...

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EFF technologist on DRM, Apple's role and the bigger picture

Seth Scoen, an EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) staff technologist, has an interesting blog post in which he analyzes some of the arguments surrounding DRM, Apple's role and how DRM affects the market in more ways than simply locking down content. He also hopes to remind those who have gone ast...

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Sweden jumps on anti-iTMS DRM bandwagon

It sounds like those DefectiveByDesign guys were simply in the wrong place, but at the right time: Sweden has joined forces with Denmark and Norway to add fuel to the fire of pressuring Apple into opening up its FairPlay iTMS DRM system. A quote from a Swedish Consumer Agency spokeswoman dubs the i...

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