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Complete Yale courses now on iTunes U

What a great opportunity to brush up on controversies in Astrophysics, Game Theory, or France since 1871. Apple and Yale University have partnered to bring complete Yale courses to iTunes U and they are free for the clicking. Apple was already offering significant quantities of lectures and intervie...

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iPhone developers get Ivy League edu-mu-cation

If you're an aspiring iPhone developer looking to hone your skills or a seasoned veteran who is willing to accept there is more to learn, then has Stanford University got a deal for you. Stanford and Apple have teamed up to offer course materials from Stanford's undergraduate program for iPhone deve...

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PBS videos for educators hit iTunes U

The ongoing expansion of edu-world content in iTunes continues with Friday's addition of PBS to iTunes U (direct link); teaching support videos and instructional content from KQED, WETA, WNET thirteen, WGBH and more. Video clips that illustrate science, geography or history (including segments from ...

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Roar! New York Public Library joins iTunes U

iTunes U, Apple's program to host multimedia files and podcasts for various institutes of learning in the iTunes Store, has a brand new member -- a big one. The New York Public Library has just launched its iTunes U page. Included are lots of audio programs broken up into several sections, as well ...

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iTunes U comes to the iTunes Store

Along with iTunes Plus and DRMless tracks Apple also announced that iTunes U will now be available via the iTunes Store for everyone. iTunes U started a year and a half ago as a pilot program at Stanford which put some lectures online with iTunes. Apple and Stanford then created a custom iTunes int...

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iTunes U goes International, eh

Queens University of Kingston, Ontario is the first non-United-Statesian university to begin offering downloadable content via the iTunes music store. Yesterday, Queens joined Stanford, Duke, and Berkeley as part of iTunes U, Apple's free hosted service for colleges and universities. The Queens Uni...

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FairPlay: coming to a classroom near you?

We haven't talked about iTunes U here in a while, but it's been on my mind lately, as I'm heading up my U's roll-out. It's a long, tortuous process--because of our internal bureaucracy, not Apple's--but, despite the fact I haven't been talking to our official reps (the extent of those conversations ...

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UC Berkeley on iTunes

Apple unleashed iTunes U to an unsuspecting world a few months ago with some success. You can now add UC Berkeley to the list of institutions that are using iTunes to deliver course podcasts to their students (and anyone else that visits Thanks, Ben....

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Apple Introduces iTunes U.

Last Fall, Stanford University began a partnership with Apple to publish and host lectures for download via the iTunes Store. Called Stanford on iTunes, it's been a resounding success and now Apple is looking to replicate that success with other schools around the country and world. iTunes U. (for U...

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