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TUAW Tip: Control the iTunes visualizer

By now you've probably had the opportunity to play around with the new iTunes Visualizer in iTunes 8. It's pretty cool, eh? Just like the previous visualizer, you can control this one with a few, simple key strokes. By pressing "?" while the visualizer is running, you are presented with a list of ke...

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Mac 101: Save a Genius playlist in iTunes

The feature of iTunes 8 that Apple wants to you notice is called "Genius." Basically, it generates playlists, either from your songs or the iTunes Store, based upon a track selected from your library. In this post, we'll look at creating and saving a Genius playlist on your Mac. First, select the ta...

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iTunes 8 adds podcast controls, terms of service geographic limit (not new)

In the iTunes 8 new features listing, a couple of tweaks may have been overlooked. Podcast subscribers have long yearned for more granular control over downloading and retention in iTunes -- "keep three episodes" might be great for Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me or Mac OS Ken, but what about Coverville o...

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TUAW report card: Let's Rock event

Now that today's press event is over, we can review our earlier predictions and see how well we did. Just half an hour before it started, I guessed that Steve would reveal "...a revamped nano line, with greater storage, a new design and UI." The design and UI are certainly new, and the storage capac...

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iTunes 8: It's like having a Genius in your Mac

At Apple's "Let's Rock" event today, they unveiled the newest version of iTunes: version 8. The rumors were mostly right: iTunes 8 includes a new feature called "Genius" that allows you to "rediscover your iTunes music." Genius works by matching music with your listening tastes. The Genius interface...

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