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Record companies happy with new iTunes pricing (duh)

You knew this was coming. The iTunes pricing changes announced at Macworld got groans from most of us watching (even though I'm pretty sure it's more or less agreed that it had to happen sooner or later), but the record companies are taking time to do a little bit of gloating over the fact that they...

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Apple adds 2 million more iTunes Plus tracks

After much speculation, Apple has finally announced that iTunes Plus is finally expanding - and keen to point out (perhaps to Amazon's chagrin) "The iTunes Plus catalog is now the largest DRM-free catalog in the world." Whilst three major labels are sadly missing in action - how many more hints do t...

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iTunes Plus price drop, 'Today or tomorrow'

Ars Technica first reported yesterday that Apple was ready to lower the price of iTunes Plus tracks from $1.29 for the DRM free music to $.99 which puts it in line with the pricing on the DRM laden tracks in the rest of the iTunes Store. Steve Jobs, and you can't get a better source than that, has c...

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Apple to drop price of iTunes Plus?

Infinite Loop is reporting that Apple will be altering the iTunes Plus program in iTunes this week. iTunes Plus, as you might recall, is what Apple calls the DRM free higher quality tracks that are currently available on iTunes for a premium ($1.29 vs. $.99 for DRMed tracks). It would seem that Appl...

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Amazon MP3: a quick review

Being the intrepid blogger that I am, I thought I would go ahead and give Amazon's new MP3 store a whirl, since it works with iTunes and offers up high quality DRM-free MP3 files. What better way to compare and contrast the Amazon experience to the iTunes Store experience than purchasing the same so...

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