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iTunes 7.7 available now

Well, we weren't "wrong" yesterday, just off the mark by about 12 hours or so. As of approximately 3:15 a.m. EDT, iTunes 7.7 is now appearing in Software Update. This is the description from the download screen: Use iTunes 7.7 to sync music, video, and more with iPhone 3G, and download applications...

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TUAW How To: Use your iTunes library over AirPort Disk

Last September we showed you how to keep your iTunes library on an external hard drive. While doing the same thing over an AirPort Disk with Apple's new AirPort Extreme Base Station sounds like it should more or less be the same situation, there are a couple of new catches to be aware of. Never ...

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TUAW Tip: open two separate iTunes windows

This isn't the most advanced tip in the book, but I found the trick darn handy last night while performing some badly needed library cleanup. In iTunes, you can open a second window for almost any item in your sources list on the left - the iTunes Store, a playlist or - interestingly - even a fold...

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Coverscout 2.3

Coverflow is a really great incentive to get album art for all your tracks in iTunes 7, but surely you don't want to do that manually. Sure, iTunes can download cover art from the iTunes Store, but what if some of your music isn't on the iTunes Store? Enter Coverscout, which was just bumped up to ve...

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New Jersey begins taxing iTS downloads like CDs and armored cars

The state of New Jersey is suffering from a slight $4.5 billion debt problem. Macenstein is reporting that amidst a recent sales tax increase and a frantic session of checking the sofa for change, Governor Jon Corzine has expanded the list of items which can be taxed to include, amongst other things...

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iTunes song tagging redux

We reported a method for tagging iTunes tracks and creating on-the-fly playlists way back in January. However, it involved using Quicksilver and a couple of home-grown scripts, but we can dig it if some of y'all aren't down with a tool as broad-reaching as Quicksilver. Fortunately for the rest of yo...

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Newly resized iTS video content just a bad upsample?

It seems like not all larger iTunes Store videos are actually worth their new dimensions. Reader Paul did some investigating on the newly resized videos (i.e. - ones that were 320 x 240 before the new store, and are now 640 x 480), as a few seemed suspiciously like bad upsamples, rather than truly ...

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iTunes 7 tidbits: it now respects the Browse state

This is most likely at best a minor bonus on most iTunes users' lists - if it's on them at all - but I was pleasantly surprised to discover yesterday that iTunes 7 (pre-7.0.1) now respects the Browse state when switching between the Library and playlists or other sections of the software. If you're...

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Apple pushing the MiniStore with iTunes 7

This has been bothering me since I upgraded to iTunes 7, and I finally laid hands on a copy of v6 to confirm: in v7, Apple seems to be pushing the new MiniStore they introduced in v6.0.2, as in: they don't make turning it off nearly as obvious anymore. Maybe they didn't like the fact that they were...

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Borrow shared iTunes music with ourTunes

Streaming iTunes music over a network is good, but being able to actually pull down and borrow that music is great, and ourTunes is just the app for the job. Running on Mac and PC (I think it's java), ourTunes allows you to browse the library of anyone on your network who has sharing switched on in...

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Macworld UK compiles iTunes 7 support docs

There have been a number of reports that people are having all kinds of issues with iTunes 7 (funny how this happens every time Apple updates iTunes. I would wager that iTunes is Apple's most used app, and I'm including OS X). Macworld UK has gathered up a number of links to Apple Knowledge base art...

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Strange new sidebar shortcuts in iTunes 7

A post at Mac OS X Hints lists some bizarre shortcuts that appear to be new in iTunes 7. The shortcuts apply to selecting the various content sections such as Music, Movies and the Store, but what's strange is that if you have any playlists which begin with the same letter as the shortcut, the playl...

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iTunes 7 music purchases don't play on iTunes phones?

A reader linked us to an Apple Discussion thread where a number of users have listed problems with playing purchases from the iTS through iTunes 7 on their Motorola SLVR and ROKR iTunes phones. It seems these users can play regular music they ripped from CDs, as well as purchases made through iTunes...

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How To: keep your iTunes library on an external hard drive

For more helpful how-to guides, check out the TUAW Tips, iPhone 101 and Mac 101 topics. After discussing how my iTunes library is set up with a few readers in the comments on my First Impressions/2G iPod nano post, I figured this might be a handy tip for readers who find themselves running ou...

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Solution for broken car interfaces with new iPod software

We don't know how wide-spread this problem is, but I figured if this frustrating complicatioin happened to one user, he probably isn't the only one: SecurityMonkey at the ITtoolbox Blogs posted a tragic story with a happy ending involving Apple's latest iPod software update and factory car interfac...

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