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Rdio teaming up with terrestrial radio giant Cumulus Media for new free ad-supported streaming

The New York Times is reporting that the subscription-based online streaming service Rdio has made a deal with terrestrial broadcast giant Cumulus Media to provide advertising and content. Cumulus, which runs 525 radio stations, will advertise Rdio on its own stations in addition to providing cont...

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Apple posts job listings for iAd team positions in advance of iTunes Radio

With the impending release of iTunes Radio, Apple is preparing for its entry into the world of streaming music by expanding its iAd division. Apple currently has three positions open on their official jobs board for the iAd division, all in the design field. And those are just the jobs on their o...

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Pandora drops 40-hour free listening limit ahead of iTunes Radio launch

On its earnings call yesterday, Pandora CEO Mike Herring said the company would be dropping its 40-hour free listening limit on mobile devices, which it instituted in February. The limit saw users having to pay for Pandora's annual subscription fee of US$36 if they went over 40 hours of free listeni...

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Big names -- McDonald's, Pepsi, Nissan, Proctor & Gamble -- sign on for iTunes Radio ads

With iTunes Radio set to hit the ground running once Apple releases iOS 7 to the masses sometime this fall, Apple has been busy signing up number of big-name advertisers to help bankroll the company's first foray into internet radio. According to AdAge, some of the advertisers already on board th...

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Apple requesting cover art from internet radio stations for iTunes Radio

Apple has sent a letter to internet radio stations requesting they provide cover art for iTunes Radio, reports MacRumors. From the email: Dear Internet Radio Provider, Cover Art The iTunes Store now requires cover art for Internet Radio stations. The cover art files must be 1400 x 1400 pixels ...

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WSJ: Apple courting smaller labels for iTunes Radio (Updated)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking to bring smaller music labels on board with iTunes Radio. Apple has reportedly offered deals to several labels, some of which are more generous than what competitor-to-be Pandora is offering. The Journal says that Apple's payout to artists will...

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Rdio family plans now allow for five people

Popular music-streaming service Rdio has announced that its family plans now allow for five people. Previously, family plans were limited to three individual users, something that could cause a bit of tension in larger families. In a blog posting announcing the move, Rdio describes how the new fam...

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Apple still king of the digital music market

Despite the rise of digital music competitors like Amazon, Google, Spotify, Pandora and many, many more, Apple is still king of the digital music market, reports AllThingsD. Specifically, Apple controls 75 percent of all digital music sales across the world. That number is extrapolated from data p...

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In preparation for iTunes Radio, Rdio update gains radio stations

It's interesting to see how the streaming radio giants are preparing to counteract the rollout of iTunes Radio in iOS 7. Spotify finally released a web player in early June. Competitor Rdio unveiled radio stations for its iOS app today, allowing it to go toe to toe against Pandora, Spotify and iTune...

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iTunes Radio and 'ads' on the iOS 7 lock screen

Developers are starting to play with the iOS 7 beta, with iTunes Radio being a popular destination both for trying the new feature and for listening to music while coding. Neil Hughes at Apple Insider notes that for the first time, you may see an "ad" on your lock screen when listening to iTunes R...

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Pandora isn't afraid of iTunes Radio

After years of speculation, Apple on Monday finally released iTunes Radio, Cupertino's take on a streaming music recommendation service. iTunes Radio, of course, is entering a market already populated by some heavy-hitting competition, namely Pandora and Spotify. While Spotify is unique (and amaz...

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iOS 7 phases out the iPhone 3GS and the original iPad; some features will be iPhone 5 only

Apple on Monday took the wraps off of iOS 7, its highly anticipated next-gen mobile OS for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Apple said that iOS 7 will be available as a free download this fall and will run on the following devices: iPhone 4 and above iPad 2 and above iPad mini iPod touch,...

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Streaming iTunes Radio service will be part of iOS 7

Apple has introduced a music-streaming service called iTunes Radio that'll be found natively in the upcoming iOS 7. For now, the service will be right in the Music app on iOS, and will offer up a series of featured stations (including, for the demo, a station playing the music heard at WWDC). Ju...

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