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iTunes TV show rentals for 99 cents may be on the way

Here's another rumor about the new Apple TV (or "iTV" as some are calling it), which may be in the cards for the upcoming Apple event in two weeks. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is in advanced talks with several media outlets to offer TV show rentals through iTunes for 99 cents an episode. Ea...

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Apple rumor roundup: iTV, next-generation iPod touch

It's a new week, and with that comes a new batch of Apple rumors. This time we've got more hints about the forthcoming Apple TV (or is it "iTV") and what could be a new iPod touch screen. First, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose has been chatting up the new Apple TV. According to Rose, it will be launch...

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British TV network angered over iTV rumor

The UK's oldest commercial television network, ITV, is supposedly livid over the rumor that Apple will rebrand the Apple TV as "iTV" in the near future. According to, the network is already taking legal steps to "...stop the move." They're looking to prevent Apple from using the name "i...

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Engadget: Apple TV gets apps, new name in iTV

Our friends at Engadget have heard from a trusted source that Apple is indeed remaking the Apple TV, as was previously guessed based on its past trajectory. But the final product may surprise you: it won't have 1080p output, according to Engadget (which refutes earlier rumors), but it will keep that...

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What's On asks 'WTF?'

Last week, Apple launched a special page [iTunes link] within iTunes celebrating the best of 2008 in all the various content categories. The Apps page [iTunes link] shows off the best selling (and presumably editor's picks) for paid and free apps in various categories. This is a great way for use...

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The Apple TV screensaver is hot

Sure, everyone is looking inside the Apple TV and at it, but check out what it does on screen when it's twiddling its thumbs and waiting for you to command your library! Now I don't have mine just yet; it's still hanging out in a local FedEx distribution center, so I made a friend shoot this for me...

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Apple TV and iPhone forums open at Apple Discussions

Did your brand new iTV just go on the iFritz? Or possibly your iPhone took a cue from Mr. Jobs and prank called Japa- Wait, they aren't out yet? Well, maybe these two shiny new pre-release Apple Discussion forums, one for the Apple TV and another for the iPhone, will still come in handy for chattin...

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AppleTV requires iTunes 7.1

We may be living in a 7.0.2 world, but AppleTV seems destined for an iTunes 7.1 one. Eagle eyed TUAW reader Chris Hileman points us to evidence of iTunes 7.1's imminent release. Pop over to the AppleTV specs page and check out the system requirements. Along with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and Win XP ...

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Apple TV up close

The Apple TV isn't under lock and key, as the iPhone is. It's about half the height of a Mac mini, with the same footprint, and quite unassuming. It sports a remote we're already familiar with. Here are some of the first pics of the Apple TV, taken during and immediately after the Keynote. Update: ...

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SlingCatcher to tread on iTV vapor trail?

In the first of what will probably be several moments of Macworld/CES friction, there are reports from Engadget, among other sources, of the latest Sling Media product: the SlingCatcher, a remote receiver for Slingbox streams that will work as a set top box for TVs. With wireless networking and an ...

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Ask TUAW: What are you most excited for at Macworld 07?

It's obvious that Erica is more than a little fired up for the iTV at Macworld 07, but we want to hear from the rest of you. Granted, there's the obligatory portion of anticipated products that might not even exist, but who cares! If you're hoping for an Apple phone, then by golly you have every rig...

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Will iTV be ready for Macworld?

Steve promised us iTV at Showtime. Now AppleInsider suggests that the Apple wireless media hub might not be ready for January's Macworld, possibly shipping in February or later. iTV, by whatever name it will get rebranded, promises to offer a wireless living room link to your iTunes library. If, as...

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TUAW predictions for Macworld 07

It's the new year boys and girls, which means (amongst other things) that Macworld will soon be upon us. As such, it is only fitting that we dust off TUAW's crystal ball to envision what we think will be unveiled both on and off stage. Now we don't have any insider information - this is all simply l...

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Rumor: Apple's iTV product to have TiVo Inside®

The latest in pre-Macworld rumors is another case of wishful thinking with no shred of credible evidence to back it up. An anonymous tipster told PVRWire yesterday that "Apple will be licensing TiVo patented technology for iTV. Also, the name iTV has changed to Mac Media Capsule." Wow! Really? Um....

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iTV not Apple Interactive Television Box

Yesterday Digg was all abuzz with the news that Apple's forthcoming iTV wasn't a new idea at all, in fact, Apple had tried the very same thing in 1994! PVRWire's Chris Tew gets to the bottom of this, and corrects the Digg crowd. It would seem that Diggers found out about Apple's ill fated Apple Inte...

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