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Mega-iPad prototypes revealed in Jony Ive's 2011 deposition now in color

Hefty. Ample. Zaftig. An iPod hit with an Engorgio Charm. Pick your adjective and go with it, because this honest-to-Ive iPad prototype was just plain big. It looked like a chopped-off MacBook's top half, but it probably wouldn't have seemed out of place on Batman's bedside table. How did thi...

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Exhibition of Apple design debuts in German museum

During the Steve Jobs II era at Apple, the company's product priorities focused on ease of use, delighting and surprising the customer, and of course the incredible design aesthetic that we all know and love. That design philosophy has been championed and executed by the industrial design team ...

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Rumors of Jon Ive moving to the UK reportedly false

Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice president of product design, has no plans to take his talents back to the United Kingdom, an in-depth profile of the designer in the Daily Mail revealed last week. Recent speculation suggested the 44-year-old planned to cash in his US$30 million in Apple stock opt...

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Chloe the Corgi, meet iPad

Well, we've already introduced a cat to the iPad, so a dog would naturally follow, right? tried their best to bring their corgi Chloe (I really love corgis, ever since Cowboy Bebop) to the iPad, but as you can see in the video above, she doesn't take to it quite as well as Iggy the cat...

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Continuity: Executive succession plans in history

We all know that Steve Jobs will eventually leave Apple, and Apple's executive team has a responsibility to draft a succession plan to help minimize the turmoil when that day comes. To figure out what Apple might do, we can look to the past for other examples. Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 ...

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Ive wins National Design Award

It seems like Apple's Johnathan Ive does two things: design great products, and win awards for designing said products. So today's Ive news is of the second order-- at the National Design Awards in Washington on Wednesday, Ive picked up the product design award. According to the Washington Post, Ive...

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Time Gets Background Story on the iPhone

As usual Time magazine seems to have gotten a bit of a sneak peak of a hot new Apple product. In this nice writeup, Lev Grossman discusses some of the background behind the iPhone. Uncle Steve was apparently up to form during the discussions about the iPhone. Grossman notes that "Jobs trash-talked t...

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