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TUAW readers get 30% off "Take Control of iWeb '09"

TUAW's very own superstar Steve Sande has released a new ebook version of "Take Control of iWeb '09," and it's updated to reflect the fact that iWeb is practically the same in both iLife '09 and the newer iLife '11. No matter which iLife you're using, Steve's got some excellent tips in here for...

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iWeb 3.0.3 update released

Software Update calls your name... the latest version of Apple's iWeb site editor (part of the iLife suite) is available now. The iWeb patch contains "bug fixes and improvements," including: resolving an issue when using the iSight Movie widget on certain Macs; an issue publishing iWeb sites using ...

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Buy individual iWork, iLife apps from the Mac App Store

Apple's iWork suite is a nice collection, but some users don't need all three apps. Fortunately, the Mac App Store lets you pick and choose between iWork and iLife apps. Starting today, you can buy and install only the apps you want for US$20 each. For iWork customers, that means Pages, Numbers and...

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.Mac Homepage shutting down today

In April of 2009, Apple announced the pending discontinuation of its .Mac Homepage service. A formal date was set in October, and that date is today. Your sites won't be gone for good, however. To find them, open your iDisk and navigate to the Sites folder. There you'll find all of the HTML pages...

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After iLife '11: Alternatives to iDVD and iWeb

Over the weekend TUAW is going to be featuring in-depth reviews of the new iLife '11 suite -- or at least the three apps that were updated. As most of you know by now, iWeb and iDVD didn't receive an update at all. In light of that, we've compiled a list of several alternatives to iDVD and iWeb t...

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Steve Jobs chilling with President Obama today

According to Business Insider, President Obama is scheduled to be flying into the San Francisco area this afternoon to attend an event for District Attorney Kamala Harris and to deliver remarks at a later dinner. What isn't on the President's public agenda, according to an anonymous source familiar...

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After iLife '11 analysis: Uncertain future for iWeb, no future for iDVD

Yesterday's announcement of iLife '11 brought some cool new features across the suite... well, most of the suite anyway. As many people have noticed, only iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band were updated. iWeb and iDVD got no love besides small code changes that make them compatible with the new iLif...

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Apple will discontinue .Mac HomePage viewing Nov. 8

Apple has given final notice to those publishing content through the old .Mac service. A note was sent to MobileMe members today stating that as of November 8th, Web pages published using the obsolete .Mac service will become unavailable. Those publishing via iWeb will not be affected. If you'...

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Rumor: iLife '11 to be 64-bit, iOS compatible

iLife, the software suite that is included on every Mac and is made up of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD, hasn't been updated to a new version since January, 2009. That, of course, is making many of us in the Apple world curious about when the next version of the suite will appear on the...

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iWeb updated to 3.0.2

The iWeb component of iLife '09 has just been updated to version 3.0.2. Apple hasn't provided much information on what the new 186 MB update will do outside of saying it addresses assorted minor issues and more serious issues when using it to publish to MobileMe, but it's available now via Software...

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Rumor: iLife '10 coming with new application

If rumors are to be believed, Apple's iLife suite will receive a major upgrade in a month's time and feature a brand new application. Apple-centric site Mac 4 Ever claims (Google translation to English here) that the newest incarnation of the collection will be released on August 7th. Rumored fea...

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Looking for free iWeb hosting? Here's how to use Dropbox as your host

Since iWeb comes with just about every Mac, it's surprising that it isn't used by more Mac users. For some people, coughing up US$99 a year for MobileMe hosting is the barrier, but there are other ways to get your iWeb pages out where the world can see them. Last night, while participating in a r...

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Quick and easy podcasting with an iPhone 3GS, GarageBand, and Posterous

I love podcasting. My first podcasts weren't really podcasts, just recordings that I made and uploaded to a website in the late 90's so that other people could listen to them. Unlike the podcasts we know and love today, there was no way to subscribe to all of the episodes that I recorded. When p...

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Mac 101: Publish iWeb '09 sites to FTP

More Mac 101, our series of tips and tricks for novice Mac users. Now that the winter holidays are almost upon us, we're thinking about sharing stories, photos, and movies with far-flung relatives and friends. There's a slew of ways to get this done, and this post focuses on creating a simple sit...

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Take Control of iWeb '09 with exclusive TUAW discount

With the introduction of iWeb '09, Apple pumped up the volume on its entry-level website authoring tool, making it more functional and flexible for novice users while adding enough power -- multi-site publishing options, FTP upload to unlock users from MobileMe, more capable RSS/podcasting tools and...

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