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Jack Dorsey: New Square register will accept both Apple Pay and Bitcoin

Apple Pay won't be active until sometime next month, but companies in the payment space are already reacting to the newest kid on the block. Some, like PayPal, have resorted to fear-mongering. Others, like Square, are making adjustments to welcome Apple's new mobile payments platform with open arm...

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Paper for iPad developer receives $15 million in funding

What do you do when your one and only iPad app is a runaway success? If you're FiftyThree, the development firm behind the beautiful journal / art app Paper (free, many in-app purchases available), you get funding for expansion into new areas. FiftyThree announced today that it received US$15 mil...

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Square's name, design influenced by a meeting at Apple

For a while now it's been known that the popular iPhone credit card payment system known as Square was originally known by a different name and had a very different look. The familiar white plastic square-shaped plug-in dongle was originally made of wood and shaped like an acorn (no joke) and it...

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Square and Apple have plans for Monday

If you follow @jack, otherwise known as Twitter co-founder and current Square CEO Jack Dorsey, then you'll know that at about 2 PM EDT today, he tweeted the cryptic Instagram (a company he's invested in) message and photo shown at right. A square with apples in it -- that's pretty obvious there, ...

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What do you do after you start Twitter? Invent a credit card reader.

If you were Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders and current chairman of Twitter, you'd want to think about something else big to follow up on your huge success. While it doesn't sound like anything groundbreaking, Dorsey's new company Square is developing a tiny white cube (see photo above) that...

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