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Qik launches on Installer.app

A while back, Qik announced that they would be creating a video broadcast client for the iPhone. When they first announced it, Qik was only available in a limited beta to jailbroken phones. However, Qik has announced that all jailbroken 1.1.4 iPhones will be able to get the client through Installer....

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Found Footage: Dev Team Posts Video

If you've been thinking the iPhone Dev Team (the team behind the jailbreaking applications) would die out after firmware 2.0, then think again. That's because the dev team has just published a video showing the jailbreaking process for a 2.0 iPhone. Update: We are currently uploading the video, in ...

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iPhoneBrowser: browse your iPhone's file system

Getting access to your iPhone's file system can be pretty difficult. But if you're a Windows iPhone user, you can take advantage of the free BSD-licensed IPhone file system browser iPhoneBrowser. You can browse your IPhone's files, drag and drop stuff onto it, and copy your MP3s and movies back t...

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iPhone as backup web server

Using the port of lighttpd on his jailbroken iPhone, Mark Hoekstra of GEEKtechnique offers real-world proof that an iPhone can, indeed, function as a web server. He put up a static page and served 411 unique visitors during the time his server was offline for maintenance. Obviously, that's not battl...

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Pocketguitar for the iPhone lets you strum on the multitouch

Engadget found this slick little gem over the weekend for your jailbroken iPhone. It's a virtual guitar (a lot like Jam Sessions if you've ever played that, actually -- reaffirming my thought that the iPhone is the best handheld gaming device ever made), where you can put your fingers over the str...

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MobileScrobbler hits milestone updates

Scott hasn't found any reason to jailbreak his iPhone yet, but one of the jailbreak apps that readers suggested would make it worth it was MobileScrobbler, and now Sam Steele has dropped us a note that he's updated the iPhone's Last.fm client to a 1.2.0 release. There are a number of neat features, ...

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