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Apple adds movies in the cloud for Japan, others

Apple has continued their global expansion of iTunes in the Cloud for Movies with the addition of eight new markets for the service. Movie fans in Austria, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Switzerland can now re-download content they've previously purchased in iTunes from th...

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Japan's NTT DoCoMo sees users jump ship without iPhone

In June we reported that NTT DoCoMo, one of Japan's largest cellular providers, was ambivalent about carrying the iPhone. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Senior VP Kazuto Tsubouchi told the paper his company was "not necessarily against the idea of selling the iPhone. It just depends...

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Japan's NTT DoCoMo not eager to carry iPhone

That's the word from DoCoMo Senior VP Kazuto Tsubouchi in a chat with the Wall Street Journal. The telco giant has about half of Japan's cellular business, but the iPhone has never been offered by DoCoMo, despite many customers who have migrated to competitors that carry the iPhone. In the publis...

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Apple loses lawsuit appeal against Samsung in Tokyo court

Apple has lost an appeal to a previous ruling in favor of Samsung in a Tokyo court, according to Reuters. The ruling came from the Intellectual Property High Court where Apple had appealed an October ruling that found Samsung had not infringed on an Apple patent for synchronizing music and video d...

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Apple raises iPad, iPod prices in Japan

Apple has raised iPad and iPod prices in Japan, placing the blame on the weak yen. As reported by Japan's NHK, the iPad and iPod are the only devices that have received the quiet price jump. AppleInsider compared cached versions of the Apple's Japanese online store and found the 16 GB iPad selling ...

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GungHo reports Puzzle and Dragons is earning $3.75 million a day

GungHo Entertainment is a game publisher based in Japan, and the company has just released some really wild financial numbers. According to the latest numbers, GungHo made US$118 million this past April alone, most of it from one game: Puzzle and Dragons, currently available on iOS. Puzzle and Dra...

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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Tactics S, coming soon to iOS

Square Enix has launched a Japanese site for an upcoming mobile game called Final Fantasy Tactics S, and it sounds intriguing. Final Fantasy Tactics, of course, is the excellent tactical strategy game based on Square's old Final Fantasy series, which arrived on iOS a little while ago. The "S" v...

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iBooks 3.1 brings paid content to iBookstore in Japan

Version 3.1 of iBooks is out today and while it might not bring much in the way of new features for Western users, it's a pretty big deal for book lovers located in Japan. That's because the latest update introduces paid content on the order of hundred of thousands of books -- encompassing novels...

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The AutoMee is a tiny robot that cleans your iPad screen

If you've given up on life to the extent that wiping your own iPad or iPhone screen is simply too much effort, you'll be happy to hear that there's now a robot dedicated to just that task. Called the AutoMee S, it's similar in appearance to one of iRobot's Roomba floor-cleaning automatons, alth...

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Report: Apple set to relocate its Tokyo headquarters

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is all set for a planned move with its Tokyo headquarters. The company will relocate its Tokyo, Japan-based offices from the ward of Shinjuku to the slightly trendier neighborhood of Roppongi Hills. The building Apple is moving to also contains offices for Gold...

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US judge won't help Samsung in Japanese suit against Apple

Samsung's latest legal maneuver in its ongoing patent war with Apple has been shot down by a US court. The company was attempting to get Judge Paul S. Grewal to issue a subpoena demanding that Apple turn over evidence so it could use it in a case getting underway in Japan. The evidence included...

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iPhone number one in Japan for the holiday season

We already know Apple's hardware was a hit in China during the last part of 2012, and new data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows that Japan felt the same way, at least when it comes to the iPhone. According to the firm's most recent data from the end of 2012, the iPhone holds an astonishing two...

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Japanese retail survey shows Nexus 7 edging out iPad in December

The iPad lost some of its market share to Google's 7-inch tablet in Japan last month, according to a survey of retailers. Among the 2,400 businesses surveyed by BCN Ranking, the Nexus 7 captured 44.4 percent of tablet sales as opposed to the iPad's 40.1 percent. Apple's tablet had accounted for t...

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NTT DoCoMo changes its tune, now open to carrying iPhone

It would appear that Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo is performing an about-face with regard to supporting the iPhone on its network. Following reports late last year that it had seen record defections of customers to other carriers, the company's president now says it is open to carrying Ap...

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Apple's iBookstore to hit Japan this year

Before Apple rolled out the iBookstore in Japan in 2010, it failed to negotiate the necessary contracts with Japan's biggest book publishers. As a result, the iBookstore in Japan was stocked predominately with free, public domain e-books. The only paid e-books in the store have been from very s...

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