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Jim Thompson adds second MacBook to Gruber's Wi-Fi hack challenge

Maynor and Elich's rewards just doubled, though the odds remain the same: Jim Thompson, a blogger who has been doing a knock-out job of dissecting this MacBook Wi-Fi hack fiasco, has offered a second MacBook on top of John Gruber's challenge to the dynamic duo. After all, what are two guys going to ...

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John Gruber issues open challenge to MacBook Wi-Fi hackers

Oh it's on now: criticism of the MacBook Wi-Fi hack has been mounting against the original hackers (David Maynor and Jon Ellch) and SecureWorks, while they have remained mostly silent. At least one passionate blogger has been defending the hack and the original statements, but John Gruber has issued...

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Hijacking the 'MacBook Wi-Fi hack' in one article or less

John Gruber is at it again, and this time he's taken the MacBook Wi-Fi hack drama to the cleaners with perhaps the most in-depth play-by-play analysis I've seen to date (would you expect anything less?). Mr. Fireball starts at the top, even including an explanation of the various components involved...

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Flickr Find: WWDC is a no blog zone

John Gruber, a man who knows his cheesesteaks as well as his Macs, is on the scene at WWDC and is armed with his camera. He took the picture above and posted it to Flickr. Notice it says, 'Please ensure that your communications with others outside WWDC 2006, including your blogs, do not contain an...

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PRESS RELEASE: TUAW writer bucks trend, sticks with Mac OS X

Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for Mac site TUAW.com, has decided to continue using his Macintosh computer, countering the recent trend for high profile Ubuntu switches FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom (July 26th, 2006) - Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for the popular Macint...

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Gruber's Magic 8 Ball on Zune

The Zune is coming, the Zune is coming! We all know that Microsoft has announced (but not shown off a working model) their iPod competitor (I noticed that most articles about the Zune aren't calling it an iPod killer, so I won't either) that will have WiFi, a social component, and quite possibly dou...

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Daring Fireball on "The iPod Juggernaut"

John Gruber has published a glaringly well-written piece that dissects the iPod's unstoppable success, why things are going so well and why analysts should simply remove the term "iPod-killer" from their vocabulary. While it might be a bit lengthier than your typical "iPods are great,...

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Daring Fireball's Macworld 2006 roundup

John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, or 'the Grubs,' as I like to call him, has posted a lengthy review of this year's Macworld. He goes over what he expected to be announced, what was announced, and what he thinks of the whole thing. It is nice to see that we weren't the only people surprised by the In...

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