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Make a free Apple-oriented Christmas Creche

If you've got a bit of time on your hands before Christmas (yeah, that could happen), you might want to build a Christmas Creche using a bunch of Apple favorites and pundits to witness the birth of the iPad. Our Dutch friends at One More Thing have put together a free print, cut and glue kit, where...

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Jonathan Ive on Apple's material obsessions

Core77 had a chat with Apple's Jonathan Ive about the iPhone 4 and the materials that it's made out of, and Ive says that the process is very holistic; Apple has really gone from start to finish with the types of metal and glass that make up the latest iPhone, and they've worked at every step of the...

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You've come a long way, Jonathan Ive

It's gotta be tough for a guy who designs the sexiest devices on the planet. No, not the million-dollar paycheck or the international fame and fortune. When you're one of the world's top designers, you must make sure your image portrays cool and sexy. If you're a built guy with a shaved head and an...

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Jonathan Ive buys a couple of iPads

Steve Jobs wasn't the only one paying a visit to an Apple Store on iPad launch day. Jonathan Ive, Apple's top industrial designer, was snapped buying two of his own products at an Apple Store on April 3rd. It's not clear which store the above pictures were taken in, but you can clearly see the fo...

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Continuity: Executive succession plans in history

We all know that Steve Jobs will eventually leave Apple, and Apple's executive team has a responsibility to draft a succession plan to help minimize the turmoil when that day comes. To figure out what Apple might do, we can look to the past for other examples. Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 ...

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Ive scores another design award for the iPhone

Apple's Senior VP of Industrial Design Jonthan Ive has won yet another design award, this time for the iPhone. The Mobile Data Association recognizes "those UK companies and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the uptake and success of mobile data over the last 12 months." Ive w...

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WALL???E - Robot with the heart of a Mac

Several TUAW readers have reported after seeing midnight showings of Disney-Pixar's new and highly-rated movie WALL•E that when the robot boots up, he makes the standard Mac startup sound. That's not the only Apple connection with the movie. Of course, Steve Jobs is the largest single sharehold...

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The UK Independent talks to Ive about design

Hot the heels of Apple's recent double D&AD Black Pencil victory for excellent design the British newspaper the Independent interviewed Jonathan Ive, Apple's senior vice-president of industrial design and now holder of a record six Black Pencils. There's a charming sense of British lad made good...

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Ive wins 2007 National Design Award

Cooper-Hewitt, the design museum in New York, has just announced the winners of this year's Nation Design Awards and you might recognize a name of the list. Jonathan Ive, designer of such items as the iPod, the iMac, and the iPhone, has won this year's award for 'Product Design.' The designs for the...

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Jobs, Ive nominated for Time's "most influential"

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive have been identified as candidates for the next Time 100 Poll, which is a list of the nation's most influential business people. Both Steve and Jonathan have appeared in Time before (Steve made the cover five times), and Steve has made previous Time 100 lists. Magazine c...

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Apple designer receives honours

British born Jonathan Ive, designer of the iMac and iPod, became a Commander in The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire today. According to a Macworld article, Ive received this honor at the Queen's New Year Honours ceremony. Ive was recently promoted to senior vice president of Industrial De...

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More Apple tablet rumors

Here's the rumor that won't go away. United States Patent Application #20060026536 (which features the signature of Jonathan Ive) concerns "...Methods and systems for processing touch inputs are disclosed. The invention in one respect includes reading data from a multipoint sensing device su...

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Jonathan Ive Awarded CBE Award

Every year, Britain awards influential Britons Orders of the British Empire, such as Knight, Commander, and Officer. The highest order is Knight, but also well-known and prestigious is the Commander of the Order of the British Empire, or CBE. Jonathan Ive, Apple's creative designer behind many of it...

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