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Joost now available for iPhone/iPod touch

Joost, the on-demand video streaming service that came to the Mac a while ago, has now made its way to the iPhone and iPod touch. The video service features music videos, TV shows, and even movies ... and you can now watch all of them on the go. You can browse videos by Joost picks, popular videos,...

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Joost releases beta 1.0 to public

This blew by us earlier in the week, but in case you haven't grabbed it yet, the Joost beta 1.0 is now available for download to the public. So all of us plebians who haven't gotten invites to try it out yet can now inspect the groovy IPTV viewer that everyone's been talking about (and running on Ap...

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Joost/Apple TV Follow-up

Yesterday, I posted that the TutorialNinjas site had gotten Joost up and running on their Apple TV. So last night I downloaded the latest Joost beta and gave it a spin. At first, the program seemed to go into a never ending "downloading your channel listings" cycle so I eventually just killed the p...

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Joost on AppleTV

The Joost team reports that it looks like Joost is now running on Apple TV. lists Joost as confirmed to work on AppleTV. (See the bottom of the post under "Confirmed Working Apps"). They mention that you can watch videos although there remain some font issues. Both the Joost Team ...

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Ars' First Look at Joost

We recently mentioned that the Joost IPTV streaming video service had released an Intel Mac compatible beta version of their client. Now Ars Technica has put up a First Look and it looks pretty darn cool. While there are still some rough edges to be ironed out with text and performance, Ars reports...

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Beta Beat: Joost 0.8 for Mac

Remember Joost, aka the Vienna Vilnius Vegemite Venice Project? It's the new free streaming TV service from the guys who brought you Skype. And the new Mac beta just went live. Joost for Mac Intel 0.8 is available for all Joost beta testers and it works great. Smooth playback, nearly identical inter...

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Beta Beat: We all missed the Joost Mac Alpha--but stay tuned

For a very brief time today, Joost opened up to Mac Alpha seeding. They filled their download quota within minutes. Joost nèe "The ViennaVenice[1] Project", if you're not familiar with it, offers high quality free online streaming video channels. It's from the people who brought us Skype and ...

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