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Journler hits 2.5.4, goes shareware

We at TUAW love Journler (OK ... we love a lot of things; but that's beside the point). Journler was recently updated to version 2.5.4, giving many fixes to the note-taking, Swiss Army Knife journaling application. Some of the fixes include: Leopard compatibility Improved Tiger performance T...

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Journler's licensing shift means next version is paid-only

When Phillip Dow first introduced Journler, the accessible yet remarkably feature-deep journaling and personal information repository app, he made a distinction between commercial licensing and personal use. Journler users who wanted to make money or do business with the program would pay, and anyon...

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Mémoires: simple journaling

Mémoires is a modest piece of software with modest ambitions, but this simple journaling software brings off those aims with style and aplomb. It's basically a diary program with a calendar that helps you keep track of the entries. In many ways this approach is more or less the opposite of t...

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Journler beta gets proper tagging abilities

In case you missed TUAW Podcast #24, I've gone gaga for Philip Dow's Journler. It's a phenomenal donationware app that offers robust features for keeping a diary, storing files you need to keep track of, recording audio/video entries and even blogging. One of Journler's cruxes, however, is that i...

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TUAW Tip: get more control when creating new Journler entries

While poking around at my favorite new app for getting a lot of my writing done, I found a way to enable a bit more control when creating new entries. By default, Journler has this 'Use quick entry creation' preference checked under the Advanced pane, which allows you to create a new entry using t...

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TUAW Podcast #24: Journler

[Update 2: The direct download link is working fine now, and I pinged the iTunes Store to check our podcast feed again, so it'll take a little time for them The iTunes Store feed has updated so we're good to go. I hope you enjoy the podcast - and of course Journler if you give it a whirl - and pl...

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Journler 2.1 beta previews massive upgrade

Philip Dow has announced a significant update to Journler, his feature-packed writing/digital junk drawer app that topped my list of apps that help you get organized. As far as what's new, Philip stated in the beta download forum thread that there are simply too many changes to list (hopefully he m...

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Get organized: a survey of digital junk drawer apps

A while ago I decided to bring some sanity to the way I do things and organize all my stuff. I'm working on a design thesis in my multimedia undergrad degree, I'm constantly doing research for my blogging work, and I have countless other projects and ideas that were growing in both size and disorgan...

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