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Guitar Wizard coming for Mac

The guys and gals over at our sister blog Engadget were keeping busy at the recent CES and have turned up some interesting products with a Mac angle. In the video above they're checking out a new music instruction software package called Guitar Wizard which works a lot like the Guitar Hero game (o...

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Guitar Hero III previewed, will release Oct. 28

Gametap's got a quick look at the new Guitar Hero sequel, coming out for the Mac later this year, and the biggest news is that they've got a date: the PC and Mac versions are shipping simultaneously with the consoles on October 28. Rock on! Apparently you'll also be able to use the mouse and keybo...

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Penny Arcade game coming to Mac next year

The Penny Arcade Expo was held this past weekend in Seattle, Washington, and we got lots of news about the Penny Arcade videogame, officially titled (you might want to sit down for this one) Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One. I told you it would be long....

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Puzzle Quest rated by ESRB for Macs

Our sister site Joystiq reports that Puzzle Quest, the handheld puzzle-slash-RPG sensation, has been rated by the ESRB for a Mac release. The news isn't that surprising, as Puzzle Quest has already been slated to appear on almost every platform but the Mac (although PS3 hasn't received the love ei...

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GameTap Lite client (finally) released

The long awaited GameTap client for the Mac is out (direct download right here), and our (newly redesigned) sister site for all things gaming Joystiq put together this video (complete with music from "Psycho Mother$*#^ing Soldier"), along with a pictoral preview of what you can expect when you do...

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WWDC Video: Unity 2.0 sneak peek

The gang from Over the Edge gave us a sneak peek of two new features in Unity 2.0: a cool terrain tool and real-time dynamic shadows. Check out the video, but also check out their page of all the other features coming soon to Unity. [Note: we'll have all these WWDC videos available for direct dow...

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Joystiq reports GameTap to support Mac

OK, it's been a busy day in Macville, what with the D Conference doing its best impression of Comdex and inspiring scores of product announcements. Still worthy of mention from earlier today: our sister site Joystiq posted an interview with two GameTap VPs on the upcoming changes to the GameTap offe...

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Joystiq on Terminal emacs games

Our brothers-in-arms at Joystiq have a cute video up of the 'hidden' Terminal games you can play. These games are part of the GNU emacs text editor, which is bundled on virtually every Unix-like OS and can be had for pretty much any OS out there. Granted, they aren't pretty or fast, but they might b...

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Joystiq recommends Mac games for the holidays

Yes, I did just say that Mac gaming doesn't really matter anymore, but I am willing to believe that some people might not agree with me. If you're looking for some great games to play on your Mac, then Joystiq has you covered. They have a short round up of the best of the best Mac games on the marke...

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An Apple IIe at E3

Forget the Nintendo Wii (pronounced "wheeeeeeeeeeee!"), Sony PS3 (or the "Rockefeller Machine" as I call it), or Xbox 360 razmatazz... The real action at this year's E3 was hidden deep in the bowels of the show: an Apple ][e. Apparently the ][e had been gutted, and replaced with a net-aware time mac...

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