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Users unhappy with no Apple response to NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 kernel panic issue

There's nothing more frustrating to a computer user than to have a software-related problem exist for more than a year without it getting fixed by the manufacturer. In this case the users are owners of early 2009 iMacs using the NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 video card. These Macs have had a problem with...

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Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 reportedly causing boot failures

Whoa. Thunderbolt must be extremely upset about having to share the spotlight with USB 3.0 on the new Mac models introduced yesterday, as Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 (also released yesterday) is now causing boot failures. The issue was reported by TidBITS publisher Adam Engst this morning, w...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: My Mac had a kernel panic. Now what?

Dear Aunt TUAW, My Mac has been experiencing kernel panics. I managed to grab an error log. Now what? I'm not sure how to use this to figure out what's going wrong... Please help! Your loving nephew, Esteban Dear Esteban, The preponderance of the time, kernel panics are hardware rel...

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Mac OS X kernel panic screensaver - let the pranks begin

What's better than a Dashboard widget that can display a Mac OS X kernel panic? A full-on screensaver that can simulate one, of course! Mark Johns of Doomlaser has built an eerily realistic kernel panic screensaver, right down to the slowly dropping grey shade of despair, that will surely induce...

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Widget Watch: Kernel Panic

In the great tradition set forth by the BSOD widget, the Kernel Panic widget offers a panic-inducing performance for the rest of us. Just set it up on your friend's, boss' or worst enemy's Mac and watch their hearts skip a beat as they (hopefully) figure out the gag. Its developer, Powermacguy, ove...

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Powerlogix problems: overheating and kernel panics

If you have upgraded your Mac using my semi-cracky How-To you may have also upgraded your Powerlogix CPU Director software as time went along. Recently I updated to CPU Director 2.3b2, and when the drop down menu in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Options > Processor Performance disappe...

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