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TUAW Tip: endo's keyboard shortcuts rock

Hi, my name is David Chartier, and I'm an RSS-aholic. [your collective response: Hi David] The last time I refreshed my newsreader was... well, probably a minute or two ago, and then 30 minutes before that. You see, I'm obsessed with news, and I've been using some sort of a newsreader for around t...

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Love your Finder: A keyboard shortcut for adding items to the sidebar

While the Mac web generally (and justifiably) has quite a few gripes with the long-disregarded Finder, it actually offers quite a few unsung features that make working with your files efficient and fun. The upcoming changes to the Finder in Leopard certainly do look nice, but I think it's about time...

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An AppleScript for selecting the iChat menubar item

I understand if this might sound kinda weird, but hear me out: As an iChat user, I love the flexibility of its UI and the clever menubar item that displays all available contacts. Since I've found myself flying without displaying the buddy list more and more often lately, I've been wishing for a way...

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TUAW Tip: Aperture keyboard shortcuts for scrolling through your library

Click To Play One of the things I mentioned in my Aperture podcast that I love so much about this app is its plethora of features designed especially to increase efficiency for power users and pro photographers. This tip centers around Aperture's keyboard short...

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KeyCue 35% off at MacZOT today only

Last October was when we first mentioned KeyCue from ergonis software, the utility that displays all the keyboard shortcuts for the app you're in, and even though I fell in love with it I somehow missed its update to version 3.0. Luckily, today's MacZOT was just the reminder I needed, as KeyCue is...

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Apple updates Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts doc

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the finer pleasures of computing, especially on a Mac. While we've been blogging all manner of these shortcuts, especially some of the gems in Mac OS X, there is always the One True Keyboard Shortcut Document to Rule Them All; the one maintained by Apple themselves. T...

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KeyCue 2.1

I am a keyboard command junkie but there are only so many shortcuts I can remember from day to day. That's why I started using KeyCue a year or so ago and I highly recommend it to anyone who relies on keyboard shortcuts but has trouble remembering the many hundreds that are available at any given ti...

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TUAW Tip: Initiate Bluetooth File Exchange with a keyboard shortcut

TUAW-lover Andrew accidentally discovered that if you select a file in the Finder and press Apple + Shift + B (aka Command+Shift+B), it brings up the Bluetooth File Exchange application and prompts you for which device you want to send the selected file(s) to. I love keyboard shortcuts and I know an...

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The function keys are your friends

I just love learning new keyboard shortcuts. Anything that keeps my hands on the keys and off of the mouse makes me happy. I thought I had a good repertoire of shortcuts memorized, but every now and then I come across a few that are new to me. Such was the case when I stumbled across these gems at A...

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Full list of iPhoto's keyboard shortcuts

I'm a keyboard jockey. I want to keep my hands on the keyboard and away from the mouse as much as I can, which is why I appreciate Macsupport's complete list of iPhoto shortcuts. They're divided into categories, including importing, organizational, import/export, ratings slideshows, book creation an...

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