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Tag: keychain

1Password 2.6.5 released

Agile Web Solutions has updated their 1Password product with support for 4 new browsers and better support for the newly released Firefox 3. 1Password now works on the following web-browsing applications: Safari 4 (Developer Preview), DEVONagent 2.3.1, latest OmniWeb, and Flock 2 beta. In addition t...

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Mac 101: Retrieve lost passwords

Everyone eventually forgets a password or two. It's OK, don't be ashamed. Even your friends at TUAW have committed this error. Honestly. Ivan at CreativeBits offers a simple way to reveal a forgotten password with Mac OS X's Keychain Access application. You'll find it in your Utilities folder (which...

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Login & Keychain Update 1.0

Leopard users, you have your first OS update waiting for you. The Login & Keychain Update 1.0 fixes a couple of issues with logging in and Keychain (shocking, yes?). According to the Apple documentation it corrects issues with the following, and I quote: Logging in with an account originall...

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Secure your Mac: Eikon biometric security

TUAW has lately been trying to help you Secure Your Mac, and while a few options have been available, biometric security is one area in which the Mac has seemed to lag behind the Windows side. Now UPEK has released a preview of the Mac version of their Eikon Digital Privacy Manager. The software all...

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Secure your Mac: Keychain on the move

Victor's Mac 101 yesterday gave you the basics of the Keychain, so we all know what it's good for -- keeping your passwords and credentials in a convenient, automatic and protected file. Still, that's an awful lot of passwordy goodness to keep in one place, especially if some of those passwords are ...

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Mac 101: Keychain

The Keychain on your Mac is a little application buried in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder. I say buried because I think Keychain is sadly neglected by most users. Here are some things you can do with it: Save web page passwords Save login info (aside from websites, like your ...

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Widget Watch: password protected Secret NotePad

The Dashboard is fun and all, but few widgets offer much in the way of storing any kind of data in a secure way. If you would like to work with a scratchpad in the comforts of Dashboard but also want the notes you jot down to be secured from wandering eyes, Secret NotePad might be a good option. ...

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Firefox Mac team looking for feedback

For anyone who has ever wished that Firefox did this or that on Mac OS X - get ready to voice your requests and complaints. Jeff Smykil at Ars Technica is reporting that Colin Barrett of the Firefox team has left the door wide open for Mac users to submit requests for the browser, including a short ...

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1Passwd 2.3 brings new UI, folders, 1Click Login Bookmarks and more to browser keychain tool

1Passwd from Agile Web Solutions is one of those browser addons that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, as if its developers had an epiphany while laying in a field of not-too-prickly grass on a perfectly warm, sunny day, asking themselves: "how can we make the world a better place?" Which br...

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1Passwd 2.0 available, free update for current users

My favorite password and form manager, 1Passwd from Agile Web Solutions, has been given a nice update from version 1.5 to version 2.0. As a registered user I appreciate that there's no charge for this update, even though it's a major update and not a minor tweak. The authors have even stated there w...

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How do I reset my Keychain password?

Yesterday I was singing the praises of Keychain, and I still stand by my assessment. Keychain is a key feature of OS X that makes it stand apart from Windows. But what happens if you forget your Keychain password? You know, the password that lets you access all your other, heavily encrypted data? Th...

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Password Manager roundup

We all have tons and tons of usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers that we need to remember. Luckily, OS X has a great utility, that is under appreciated, commonly called the Keychain that'll store all of that info for you securely. For a single user Keychain is great, but what if you need t...

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Open letter to Mozilla: Where Firefox goes wrong on OS X

Firefox, inarguably, is one of the coolest browsers available and a necessity if you're using Windows. On OS X however, I've been on the fence during Firefox's existence as there are a number of ways that Firefox and Mozilla have gone wrong and ruined the browser's user experience. First up is Mozil...

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