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Full WWDC 2013 keynote now on Apple's YouTube channel

Apple has posted the WWDC 2013 keynote to its YouTube channel in its entirety. The two-hour keynote saw the introduction of the new Mac Pro, new MacBook airs, the preview of OS X 10.9 Mavericks and the complete redesign of iOS 7. This is the second time Apple has posted its WWDC keynote to YouTub...

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DevJuice: If you don't report the bug in the beta to Apple, it does not exist

To paraphrase some Apple employees: "Radar or GTFO." As many Apple persons are pointing out this week, unless you report bugs (called "radars") to Apple, you are doing nothing to improve the circumstances of which you complain. As Chris Rawson has pointed out repeatedly over the years, Apple's "bet...

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Apple opens iWork for iCloud beta to registered developers

One part of Monday's WWDC 2013 keynote that seems to have received short shrift in the discussions of updated products is iWork. During the keynote, iWork for iCloud -- a browser-based version of Apple's office suite -- was discussed along with comments about the iOS versions of the suite. Now App...

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Apple's most significant keynotes

WWDC is right around the corner and the highly anticipated keynote will kick off the event on Monday June 10. This keynote will be a critical one for Apple as the company is expected to unveil a Jonny Ive-led overhaul of iOS. Apple has a long string of game-changing presentations, including these ...

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Extract App Resource Icons with AppleScript

Whether I'm preparing for a demo or writing an article, blog post, book, or technical documentation, I often find myself performing the same set of repetitive steps. I need to navigate into an app's packaged resources folder, find one or more icon files, occasionally convert them to PNG and scale ...

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Apple issues minor updates to iWork for iOS apps

Apple has just released very minor updates to its iWork for iOS apps. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have all been updated with "stability improvements and bug fixes." Let us know in the comments if you notice anything different!...

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Send Keynote presenter notes to Evernote with AppleScript

We've all been there before. You've prepared a Keynote presentation on the Internet phenomenon of cat videos for your local Mac user group. You've finished editing your slides. You've added presenter notes. Next, you want to extract the notes from your slides and bring them into Evernote so you ca...

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Presentations are a pleasure with the Keyspan Tripp Lite Pro 3 remote

I do a fair amount of presentations, and I have to say Keynote has made my life in front of the big screen a lot easier. Of course, a good remote is really a near necessity when doing presentations, and after trying many over the years I've settled on the Keyspan PR-Pro3 Remote. It is very Ma...

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Apple announces iPhone 5-compatible updates for iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote and more

At its press event today, Apple announced the new iPhone 5 with a 4-inch, Retina display. For customers, the larger screen means there's extra room for apps to display their content. The most noticeable difference will be the homescreen, which will now display five rows of icons. This extra s...

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Friday Favorite: Haiku Deck for iPad concocts instant presentations

If long-suffering Dunkin' Donuts franchise owner Fred the Baker had decided to get an office job, chances are his early morning grumble would have been "Time to make the PowerPoint." Doing decks is part of every organization, from the military to not-for-profits to businesses of all sizes; even...

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Invalid Keynote document? Calm down and try this fix

Let's set the scene: It's Monday morning, and you've been working tirelessly all weekend, tweaking and putting finishing touches on a big Keynote presentation that you'll be using at today's board meeting. Now that it's finished, you decide to run through it one last time, just to be safe. So y...

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Reminder: beta shuts down today is dead. Long live! Today is the last day that you'll be able to sign into the beta. Apple's first attempt at creating a document sharing environment for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents never did make it to prime time. Tomorrow, goes the way of the ...

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Mountain Lion 101: The iCloud Document Library

One of my favorite features of Mountain Lion to demonstrate so far has been the iCloud Document Library. This is a way to store your iWork, TextEdit, and Preview documents in iCloud so that they are immediately accessible from other Macs on the same iCloud account as well as on connected iOS de...

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Apple updates some iOS apps for better Mountain Lion and iCloud compatibility

Mac apps aren't the only ones getting updates today. Apple has released updates to Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and iTunes U for iOS, improving compatibility with iCloud, according to a post on MacStories. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have all been updated to version 1.6.1. According to the update ...

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Apple releases iWork, iPhoto, Safari, Aperture, iMovie updates

Apple has released updates to iWork, iPhoto and Safari, each offering compatibility with Mountain Lion, which shipped today (our review). The iWork suite (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) now offers iCloud & Retina MacBook Pro support. iCloud support will let users begin working on one device, st...

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