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Updated Kindle app for iOS skirts around Apple's 30% cut with new "free sample search"

The Next Web reports that a recent update to the Kindle app for iOS is able to skirt around one of the App Store's long standing restrictions, namely that any content discovered and purchased via an iOS app is subject to Apple's 30% take. That restriction is why the current Kindle for iOS app redir...

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Eye-Fi Mobi simplifies DSLR image sharing through your iOS device

I love my Canon DSLR for the flexibility of selecting high-quality lenses, a plethora of shooting modes, the faithful color renditions, and the high storage capacity I can get with inexpensive SD cards. But I find myself also shooting a lot of photos with my iPhone simply because I want to share t...

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The New York Times' Nick Bilton describes "a day in the life" of his iPhone

Have you ever thought about how often you pick up your iPhone and use it to perform some task or another? That's exactly what Nick Bilton, tech columnist at The New York Times, did for a story published today. Bilton's post follows his iPhone app usage throughout a typical day. Bilton begins his ...

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Antec PowerUp 6000 offers iPad-capable portable power

Mid-June is an odd time of year. Apple's hardware refresh cycle isn't really due until October -- likely six full months away -- so you might consider picking up an external battery pack to use with your current iOS device to tide you over until then. Internal batteries drop in efficiency as devi...

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Kindle iOS app adds new features for visually impaired

The Kindle iOS app (free) was updated to version 3.7 today, bringing with it a handful of new features to make life easier for blind and visually impaired customers and to anyone who wants to review a book or read recommendations for similar books. To help the visually impaired navigate their Kindl...

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Rumor: Amazon's Goodreads purchase cancelled a possible Apple partnership

The Wall Street Journal says that before Amazon's purchase of the Goodreads service earlier this year, Apple was planning to possibly integrate the social reading-recommendation service into its own iBookstore. Apple and Goodreads, says the WSJ, had been talking for a year or more about combini...

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iBook Lessons: Why the Kindle App is still the best reader on iOS

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about e-book writing and publishing. The important thing about e-books is this: the reader matters a lot less than the content. Over time, I've found myself using iBooks less and less and less, as I now turn almost exclusively to Kindle for my iPad reading. ...

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DevJuice: Beginning Objective-C

Jim Dovey and Ash Furrow just released Beginning Objective-C. It is subtitled "Get started with programming the fast-growing language." It is not, however, really aimed at new programmers. Unlike Aaron Hillegass's superb Objective C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, the book expects a reade...

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Amazon warns iOS users to not install the latest Kindle app update (Updated)

Amazon issued an update to its popular Kindle iOS app and users are crying foul over the update. Apparently, a glitch in the update is erasing the user's entire book library from their iOS device. Amazon has confirmed there is a problem and is warning iOS owners not to update to the latest vers...

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iPad, iPad mini win battery life shootout among tablets

UK consumer watchdog site Which? has tested the world's leading tablets to see how their battery life compares and both the iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini came out on top by a large margin. To be fair to all tablets, Which? took into account the screen size and brightness of each ...

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E Ink feeling the pinch from more capable tablets

In late 2007 when Amazon's very first Kindle hit the market, it was the beginning of big things for Taiwan's E Ink Holdings Inc. The company is the one behind the black-and-white display found in Amazon's e-reader and many like it. At the time, the iPad was still over two years from being introduc...

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Amazon compares Kindle Fire HD to iPad mini, forgets some key specs

Amazon has a rather cheeky ad on its homepage right now comparing its Kindle Fire HD to the newly unveiled iPad mini. The ad opens with, of all things, a Gizmodo quote. "...your [Apple's] 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer pixels than the competing 7-inch tablets! You're cramming a worse screen in t...

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Amazon launches survey of would-be tablet buyers

Just a day after Apple unveiled a pair of new iPads, Amazon customers might find an interesting email waiting in their inboxes, asking them to weigh in on the current state of the tablet market. The survey questions each participant on how they feel about various tablet features, and focuses on fi...

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iBook lessons: Mac clients and built-in updates

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about e-book writing and publishing. Since yesterday's announcement, I've been having a series of conversations -- in email, on the phone, on Twitter -- regarding iBooks, the iBookstore, and why iBooks for Mac remains missing in action. Many in the book wo...

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Paid iBookstore content now live in New Zealand, 17 other countries

It looks like e-book lovers around the world can definitely look forward to tomorrow's expected iPad mini reveal, as paid iBookstore content has just gone live in 17 new countries. If a smaller iPad is indeed in the cards -- and we're pretty sure it is -- it will compete directly with Amazon's Kin...

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