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First Impressions of the Kindle Fire

Amazon's hot, new tablet, the Kindle Fire, has been touted as a potential competitor to the iPad. Now that the tablet has launched and landed in the hands of several of our writers, it's time to take a closer look at Amazon's offering. You can read our opinions below and find out if the Fire li...

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TUAW TV Live: Crackpot theories, Kindle Fire, and birthday cake

Welcome back to another exciting episode of TUAW TV Live. It's hard to believe that this show has almost been on the air for two years; time flies when you're having fun with a great group of people! And speaking of time flying, our "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" proprietress o...

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Kindle Fire vs iPad side by side video comparison

A number of people received the new Kindle Fire tablet yesterday from Amazon, and for those of who already own iPads, the device was a bit of a letdown. Yes, it's smaller, and it has a lot of built-in linkage to the Amazon content empire, but in many ways the device is not as well thought-out o...

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Goldman Sachs sees iPad demand slowing

Almost two years after the iPad launch, Goldman Sachs reports that demand is slowing down, just as the holiday shopping season begins. "While improving holiday demand into late November could certainly push the momentum in the other direction, we believe it is prudent to assume the iPad is faci...

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Appcelerator: iOS still has highest developer interest, Kindle Fire heating up

The latest Appcelerator survey says developers are still most interested in putting together apps for the iOS platform, with 91 percent of them "very interested" in developing for the iPhone, and 88 percent going for the iPad. iOS 5 was also cited by developers surveyed as the most significant ...

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ZDNet: Adobe's no longer developing Flash for mobile devices (Updated)

According to a report from ZDNet, Adobe is no longer working on Flash for mobile devices. A statement released to developers claims Adobe will provide bug fixes and security updates for the current version of mobile Flash for Android and RIM's Playbook, but will halt further development. Adobe wr...

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Survey: iPad is Kindle Fire-proof

A site called, which calls itself an "opinion based community," says that consumers it's polled about the recently announced Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon don't think Apple's iPad has much to worry about. One of the site's recent polls has 61 percent of the audience saying the iPa...

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How the Kindle lost the keys to mimic the iPad

Blogger Nick Bilton at the New York Times Bit Blog noticed something fascinating about the new Amazon Kindle devices the other day, so he talked to a hardware designer who had worked on the original Kindle e-reader in 2007. Sure enough, the designer told him that the original device design was ...

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