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Apple to pursue legal action against bankrupt Kodak

Bankrupt Kodak has been upfront about its strategy to generate revenue from its robust patent portfolio through litigation. In the past year, Kodak has sued Apple, HTC, RIM, Samsung, and Fujifilm using various imaging recording and processing patents. Apple isn't taking this lying down and, as Bloo...

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Kodak sues HTC, Apple

In a desperate bid to keep itself afloat, Kodak has filed another lawsuit against HTC and Apple. The struggling company is now claiming that Apple and HTC infringe on four patents related to the transfer of digital images. A previous lawsuit against Apple focuses on technology for previewing im...

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ITC judge presiding over Kodak-Apple patent case retires

ITC Chief Administrative Law Judge Paul Luckern has stepped down from his position after 27 years of service. This departure is notable as Luckern presided over the patent complaint filed by Kodak against Apple. In January, Luckern issued an initial ruling that Apple did not infringe on Kodak...

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Kodak may sell image patent in Apple lawsuit

Kodak may sell the image previewing patent that is the subject of a US$1 billion infringement lawsuit filed against Apple and RIM. This patent is one of 1,100 patents that Kodak is looking to sell as it tries to raise cash. Analysts estimate these patents may be worth more than $650 million, th...

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ITC rules for Kodak in Apple patent infringement complaint

The ITC handed down its final judgment in a patent infringement case Apple filed against Kodak. In a setback for Apple, the panel let the initial decision stand and ruled in favor of Kodak. On May 12, ITC Judge Robert Rogers found one of Apple's patents was invalid and that Kodak did not violat...

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ITC issues partial ruling against Kodak in patent-infringement case

Today was the day that the ITC was supposed to make a ruling about the patent infringement case it filed against Apple and RIM in early 2010, and sure enough, the word is out. The commission is upholding an earlier ruling by one of its judges which basically threw out the main image preview pat...

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ITC delays Kodak vs. Apple and RIM decision

The ITC has announced on Thursday that a decision on RIM vs. Apple and Kodak will be delayed [PDF] by one week. It's a bit of a surprise, especially this late in the day, as ITC was supposed to make a decision today. There's no clear reason for the postponement that we could find, but FOSS Pate...

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Judge rules for Kodak in Apple lawsuit

An ITC judge has ruled that Apple's allegations of patent infringement against Kodak are unfounded. You'll remember that Apple claims Kodak is using two of its technologies illegally in several products, including the Z-series, M-series and C-series cameras. One of the technologies in question all...

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Kodak wants $1B in royalties revenue from Apple, RIM

At about 5:00 PM in Washington, D.C., today, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) will decide if it should review a judge's findings from January that concluded neither Apple's iPhone or RIM's Blackberry infringed patents held by Eastman Kodak Company. Antonio Perez, CEO of Kodak, told Bl...

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Kodak loses critical part of ITC case against Apple and RIM

The International Trade Commission has ruled against Kodak in its patent infringement complaint against Research in Motion and Apple, Bloomberg reports. In an initial determination recommendation, ITC Judge Paul Luckern ruled that Kodak's patents are invalid and not infringed upon by Apple's iPhone ...

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Apple has countersued Kodak

Apple filed suit against Kodak on April 15th, 2010, claiming that it has infringed on two of Apple's granted patents. This comes after Kodak filed suits against both Apple and RiM in January. The suit targets Kodak's C, M and Z series EasyShare cameras as well as the popular Zi8. Apple claims that...

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Kodak suing Apple and RIM over photo preview patents

Now that suing Apple is practically an Olympic event, Kodak is having a turn. They've filed two actions against Apple and RIM, and a third against Apple only. The first two claim that Apple and RIM infringe upon Kodak's method of previewing images with the iPhone and Blackberry. The third complai...

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Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.2

Today Apple released an update for Mac OS X's RAW compatibility. iPhoto '08 and Aperture will now be able to work with RAW formats from the following cameras: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS/Kiss Digital F/1000D Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n Nikon D700 Olympus EVOLT E-420 Olympus EVOLT E-520 Oly...

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