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Apple reportedly dropping Samsung and turning to TSMC for A7 chip development

A report from the Korea Times relays that Apple is excluding Samsung from its plans to develop its next-gen A7 processor. While Apple and Samsung compete fiercely in the smartphone market, the two companies also happen to be very important business partners. Apple, of course, currently relies on...

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Google's Eric Schmidt compliments Apple in Korea

Google's Eric Schmidt was in South Korea for the launch of Nexus 7 tablet launch and made headlines during his trip. According to a report in The Korea Times, the Executive Chairman shot down the possibility that Google Maps is pending approval by Apple and talked about the company's tumultuous...

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Apple Korea to replace iPads, iPods to comply with regulations

Apple changed its after-sales policy in Korea and is now offering a "best in the world" replacement plan for Korean customers with defective products, according to a report in The Korea Herald. In compliance with its global return policy, Apple previously replaced a defective product with a ref...

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Korea loosens regulations on mobile phone sales

Korea is establishing a new policy that'll let customers buy phones and service separately, according to a report in MK Business news. Wireless customers will be able to shop for phones from a variety of retailers including supermarkets, malls and manufacturers like Apple. Even phones bought ov...

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iPhone 4 officially coming to Korea's SK Telecom on March 16

SK Telecom has now set March 16 as the date for its launch of the iPhone 4 in Korea. After revealing earlier this year that it was to finally sell the iPhone 4 in addition to rival network KT corp, Korea's largest wireless carrier confirmed in a press release that pre-registrations opened Mar...

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GDC 2011: Nexon goes kart riding on the iPhone

Nexon is a South Korea-based publisher that's basically helped create and define the idea of free-to-play, microtransaction-based MMOs around the world. While microtransactions have become popular in all kinds of game genres in the last few years (including in quite a few apps on the iPhone),...

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Oldboy director Chan-wook Park shoots new movie on iPhone 4

Last year, I caught a top 10 list somewhere that listed the top movies ever with twist endings. All but one of them I'd already seen, that one being the critically acclaimed Korean film Oldboy, directed by Chan-wook Park. Seeing as it was available for streaming on Netflix, I pulled it up that night...

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iPad will hit Korea on November 30

Earlier this month we reported the iPad had cleared governmental hurdles in Korea and was about to begin taking pre-orders. Today, Electronista reports that over 60,000 pre-orders for the iPad have been taken. KT Corp. is offering the iPad in Korea with a subsidy if you sign up for their data servic...

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More than 1 million iPhone sales in Korea

Distributor KT Corporation announced this week that the iPhone has sold more than 1 million units in South Korea. It took nine months for that many units to fly off the shelves, and that doesn't include sales of the iPhone 4. When the iPhone 3GS launched in Korea in November of 2009, KT Corp. had...

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Unofficial iPhone launch dates for Korea, Taiwan

At long last, we have (unofficial) launch dates for the iPhone 4 in Korea and Taiwan. In Korea, pre-orders began last month despite the lack of an official launch date. According to MacNN, distributor KT Corporation has announced that the iPhone 4 will hit store shelves on September 10th. KT'...

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Koreans swamp servers as pre-orders begin

iPhone 4 pre-orders have begun in Korea, and distributor KT Corporation (KTC) is reporting huge sales. Specifically, 130,000 orders were placed within the first 13 hours of availability. By comparison, it took 5 days to sell 65,000 units of the 3GS. KTC reportedly had to expand their server capac...

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Sausage stylus comes to the US

It was a little less than a month ago when news broke of a South Korean company called CJ Corporation noticing a sharp increase in sales of their frozen sausages. CJ did some digging around and it turned out the good people of South Korea were using their sausages as iPhone styluses. Someone who was...

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Frozen sausage as iPhone stylus

Using an iPhone in the cold presents a quandry. You don't want to freeze your fingers, but gloves make the touchscreen difficult to use. Unless you've got Dots Gloves. Or sausages. In South Korea, CJ Corporation noticed a sharp increase in sales of their frozen sausages. Not because they're es...

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iPhone controls 46% of Japanese smartphone market

Impress Corporation of Japan is reporting that Apple now controls almost half the smartphone market in Japan with over 3 million iPhones sold to date. Keep in mind, it has taken the iPhone little more than a year to accomplish this. Impress reasons that the major shift towards the iPhone is becau...

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Chip makers: Apple manipulating flash memory prices

The Korean Times is reporting today that Apple is (allegedly) manipulating the flash memory market. An unnamed source tells the Times that Apple is ordering more chips than it actually purchases: " ... [Apple] doesn't make immediate purchases, but waits until chip prices to fall to the level the com...

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