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Chip makers: Apple manipulating flash memory prices

The Korean Times is reporting today that Apple is (allegedly) manipulating the flash memory market. An unnamed source tells the Times that Apple is ordering more chips than it actually purchases: " ... [Apple] doesn't make immediate purchases, but waits until chip prices to fall to the level the com...

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Found Footage: Koreans enthusiastically welcome iPhone

Apple has begun introducing the iPhone to Asia with varying results. After a slow launch in China, the iPhone and App Store are now doing well, despite the lack of Wi-Fi and an active black market. In Korea, however, enthusiastic customers are snapping them up. Some customers lined up as much...

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iPhone coming to South Korea

After much delay, the iPhone is finally coming to South Korea. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) had been requiring handsets to use the locally-built WIPI mobile platform. Earlier this week, that changed: "...considering global industry trends toward the use of general-purpose mobile operati...

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Rumor: Simultaneous iPhone 2.0 release for Korea, Japan

3G iPhone rumors are like summer evening mosquitoes: very annoying but also impossible to ignore. Fortune is the most recent buzzing in our ears with a report that the next major iPhone release will include Korea and Japan at the same time. Specifically, tech news coming from Korea suggests that Ap...

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