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TUAW Deals

Tag: labor

Birth of an iTunes Store

Ever wonder what a newborn baby iTunes store looks like? The answer is that there isn't a lot there, at least not for a few hours at least. Intrepid TUAW spies were able to snatch this exclusive iTunes New Zealand pic and send it to our top secret labs before iTS:NZ went fully live. The iTunes...

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iPod factory admits to violating Chinese labor laws

Sounds like things might not be so squeaky clean in the "iPod City" after all, as Engadget has dug up some dirt on the Foxconn factory's admission of breaching Chinese labor laws. Specifically, Foxconn has admitted their employees work about 80 extra hours each month - which is a tad above and...

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Peek inside an iPod factory

I've always thought that iPods are produced in a Willy Wonka-esque factory where the impossible is everyday, and the candy is always free. According to MacWorld UK that isn't the case. The iPod is made in Chinese factories, mostly by women, who live and work at the factory. They make anywhere from...

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