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TUAW review: LaCie Network Space 2 low-cost NAS

Everybody needs storage, and lots of it. The race for space began when we started taking digital pictures, accelerated when we began purchasing music online, and went positively orbital when movies and TV went digital. While big drives in desktop machines are becoming commonplace (1 TB drives are...

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Things I learned over the weekend

It was one of those slow weekends. A good time, I thought, to clean up some odds and ends on my to-do list. Often, my list involves things relating to my computers, and this weekend was no exception. Item #1. Install Windows 7 RC1 using VMWare. I didn't have a super urgent reason for doing so, but t...

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Road Tested: LaCie iamaKey, the USB flash drive you'll actually use

USB flash drives are a dime a dozen. They've gone from being a "wow" item a few years ago to a throwaway handout item. Many are cheap plastic devices that either come with a neck lanyard attached or with a small loop for attaching to a key ring. More often than not, they end up falling to pieces or ...

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Just announced: La Cie blue eye pro Monitor Calibrator Proof Edition

A lot of us might not care that the color on our screens doesn't precisely match reality, but for most designers color matching is a crucial part of their work. That's why they use monitor calibration systems like the new La Cie blue eye pro Proof Edition (US$429.99) to make sure that what they see ...

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LaCie to provide one year online storage free with every drive sold

TUAW readers know that to keep their data safe, they need to perform regular backups. Since Time Machine hit the scene last year, most Mac users have used the OS X application and an external hard drive to perform automated backups. For some Mac users, the thought of losing both the Mac's hard drive...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: LaCie

Tiffany from LaCie was nice enough to show off a variety of LaCie's goods for us. LaCie, as we all know, makes hard drives but they also are now entering the accessories market. They have a cool new product called the LaCie FireWire Speakers, which are bus-powered speakers which also send the audio...

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LaCie Huby designer USB and FireWire hub

Speaking of objets d'art, here's a product that actually fits the bill. LaCie's new Huby is a very cool looking USB and FireWire combo hub that is sure to be a conversation piece and its flexible "branches" also might help solve some desktop cable management issues - or at the very least, distract ...

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LaCie offers free LightScribe Labeler for Mac

LaCie just announced that they are releasing the new version of LightScribe Labeler free for Mac users and also releasing the first-ever version for Linux users. LightScribe Labeler enables you to burn silk screen-quality labels on to LightScribe-enabled CDs or DVDs right in the drive with no additi...

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Rig of the Day: Drool

Today's rig of the day has us drooling. This shot by Flickr user The Real Dexta features two 30" cinema displays, an iSight, a 15" Powerbook, a 1TB LaCie RAID (yikes), a dualie 2.7 G5...and an iPod sock. It's the sock that puts it over the edge for me (mostly because I still use my grey o...

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Rig of the Day: Typical desk

I love this shot because it looks a lot like my own desk: Mac, Coke, iPod, external hard drive, books, random junk...ahh. I'm feeling productive already. I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one who has powered speakers sitting around and doing nothing. "iBook at Work" posted by mig...

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LaCie Rugged: Successor to the Pocket Drive?

First and foremost: I love LaCie Drives. From the bad boys we use at work to the beige, external SCSI boxes I have connected to my ancient Macs, they just run and run. For the longest time, my favorite general use LaCie external has been the recently discontinued Pocket Drive. It was very small, cam...

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LaCie introduces biometric access drive

Today LaCie introduced  the Safe Mobile Hard Drive with fingerprint access. To gain access to the drive's contents, the user just swipes his/her finger across the incorporated scanner to unlock the drive's contents. The voodoo that allows this to work is embedded into the drive itself, so nothi...

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