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Former Color employee talks about Apple's Lala deal

Aubrey Johnson is a former employee of Color, the startup recently acquired by Apple and founded by Bill Nguyen, who sold another company to Apple called Lala. Over on his personal blog, Johnson has put up a post that walks right through the story of how Apple picked up Lala, from the reasoning...

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Apple's cloud music service ready to rock and roll (Updated)

A report from AllThingsD suggests Apple has already inked deals with two of the four major record labels for its upcoming streaming music service. Apple's VP of Internet Services, Eddy Cue, is supposedly traveling to New York to complete negotiations with the remaining two music labels as early a...

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Former Lala CEO says Apple bought them 'for the people'

Lala's Bill Ngyuen had a short video interview with Fortune, and in it Nguyen says that Apple picked up his company specifically "for the people," not for the streaming cloud music service or any of Lala's other assets. Fortune confronts him on the idea of Apple running its own cloud music serv...

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Warner Music Group executive joins Apple

Apple has hired Elliott Peters, a senior vice president and head of digital legal affairs at Warner Music Group, as the "...corporate attorney director for iTunes Europe and Internet services, based in Luxembourg, where he will manage the European legal team for iTunes and MobileMe services," accord...

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Spotify denies talks with Apple

Despite rumors to the contrary, UK-based Spotify denies being in talks with Apple over a possible acquisition. In an interview with CNET, Spotify representative Jim Butcher said that is company has "...absolutely no intention" of selling to Apple or anyone for that matter. That takes care of that...

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Rumor: Apple looking at buying Spotify... to incorporate it or close it?

Fans of streaming music service Spotify might not want to read this story. The last time Apple bought such a company, it lived on for about six months before being unceremoniously shuttered. Hopefully if a rumored buyout of Spotify does go through, the service will face a happier outcome than Lala ...

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Cloud-based iTunes will be "modest in scope"

We've heard a lot of rumors about a cloud-based iTunes service, and apparently Apple is working on exactly that, but the company has reportedly told a few music label executives that any service that debuts will be only "modest in scope." CNET says that Apple's strategy isn't exactly clear -- appar...

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Rumor: iTunes still heading to the clouds

We didn't get that cloud-based iTunes at the last keynote, but the project (and the rumor) isn't dead yet. Boy Genius says "one of our reliable Apple sources" is confirming that iTunes in the cloud is still being developed -- the capability discussed would allow streaming of music and movies both fr...

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Rumor: iTunes online music streaming to debut at WWDC

Since Apple acquired Lala back in December, we've wondered what its developers would do with their new purchase. Rumors suggest we'll find out in a few weeks at WWDC. Macsimum news is reporting that a live streaming version of iTunes will debut at the conference. Some have speculated that iTunes ...

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Bye-bye, Lala: Apple-owned streaming service to shut down

It's a long-familiar story: innovative start-up gains traction, gets major search deal, earns attention from bigger companies, is gobbled up... and then takes down the primary service that got it so much buzz in the first place. Google acquisitions Etherpad and Jotspot, welcome your new club memb...

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iTunes accounting for 1/4 of all U.S. music sales

Overall, music sales fell by more than a billion dollars last year, but Apple's iTunes is doing better than ever. The digital music distribution service claimed more money than ever, and now represents the biggest U.S. market for music sales, making up over a quarter of total music sales in this cou...

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Why Apple might want to buy ARM

--- Last January, Apple COO Tim Cook stated, "We believe we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make." That motivation, backed by Apple's 41 billion cash on hand, makes its rumored acquisition of ARM Holdings so compelling. --- What would you do if you had $41...

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Rumor: Cloud-based iTunes delayed until summer

Ever since Apple bought music-streaming service Lala, rumors of a cloud-based solution for iTunes have been floating around. And unfortunately, we don't have any official news on that yet (I know I'd use it -- I already share my library to all of my computers in-house anyway), but we do have more ru...

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Steve Jobs at Apple Town Hall meeting: Harsh words for Google, Adobe

Steve Jobs recently held a Town Hall meeting for Apple employees, and according to Wired, he had some very choice words for both Google and Adobe. While these likely aren't direct, word-for-word quotes, as they come from employees who spoke to Wired and MacRumors on condition of anonymity, if they'r...

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Rumor: Lala acquistion to create "online locker" for music

We've covered speculation about Apple's acquisition of music-streaming service Lala in the past. General consensus has been that Apple is looking to use the service in a future version of iTunes, allowing users to stream their own music libraries to their computers, iPhones, and iPod touches from a ...

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