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Apple adds 30-second samples to browser-based iTunes previews

Last November, Apple launched browser-based iTunes previews, which gave customers information on a song or artist before pushing them out to the iTunes Store. It's a handy, welcome change. And now this week, they've added 30-second song samples to those preview pages (check it out). Just as you do ...

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Apple allows Google to use Lala

We're not sure how Apple plans to utilize its recent acquisition of Lala, but BusinessWeek reports today that Apple does plan to let Google keep utilizing the service. Google unveiled its own music search service in late October, which is backed by Lala. "We have enjoyed a good relationship with ...

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More on Apple, LaLa and the future of iTunes

There's an interesting article at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) today (subscription required) suggesting that Apple's recent acquisition of LaLa could mean a web-streaming model for a future version of iTunes. The speculation began last week, and today more information has emerged. Quoting a sour...

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Apple's purchase of Lala sparks price confusion

Did Apple's purchase of music streaming service Lala cost the company $80 million, or 17 million? Probably the latter, at least according to Techcrunch. $80 million seemed like an awfully large price tag for a service that's only a couple years old. Michael Arrington at TC claims to have sources who...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 pm: Apple sings a new tune with Lala acquisition

We had a delightful chat last week with our friend Dan de Grandpre from Dealnews as we dove into the early information from Black Friday and looked forward to Cyber Monday. Beth Gladstone from WalletPop wasn't able to be with us, but she's promised to come back another Sunday very soon. You can d...

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Lala bought by Apple, streaming iTunes Store around the bend?

Earlier today, Greg Sandoval at CNET reported that Apple was in talks to buy out music-streaming service Lala; his piece suggested that these talks were in advanced stages, and a deal could happen at any time -- Apple just needed to sign on the dotted line. As of this evening, Sandoval's rumor is...

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