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Tag: language

Rumor: Adobe to sue Apple over SDK rules

This seemed like it was destined to happen; word out of Silicon Valley is that Adobe is planning a big lawsuit against Apple for keeping Flash off of the iPhone and iPad platforms. The final straw, apparently, was a change in Apple's SDK language prohibiting apps to be written with anything other...

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TUAW Tip: Character building with Mac OS X

I've previously demonstrated how to use LaTeXiT to create and display complex math formulas and other symbols, and thank you readers for the additional recommendations! While providing a means to display almost every imaginable existing symbol or character, a LaTeX-based solution may prove too co...

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Vatican approves iPhone app

The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communications has approved an iPhone app called iBreviary, which is apparently a virtual version of the liturgical book. The app itself was created by an iTalian (and yes, pun intended) priest, and during a trial release in Italy, was downloaded 10,000 ti...

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iKanji release due Thursday

Indie developer Rory Prior expects to release version 1.0 of his iKanji application this coming Thursday, he announced today. iKanji is a tool for anyone learning Japanese, and combines meaning, reading and writing training and tests. Over 2,000 Kanji characters and 20,000 example words are included...

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Itching to learn Esperanto?

Hot for Hindi? Up for learning Uyghur? Wild about Welsh? LifeClever tipped us off to the fact that there are 926 free language training podcasts currently available in the iTunes Store. A quick glance at the available podcasts shows that you can learn 39 languages from Arabic to Yiddish with the hel...

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??bersetzen Sie das, bitte (Translate this, please)

For German users and English-speaking users with German-language needs, Philipp Brauner has made available the Dictionary Plugin for Leopard, which adds the vocabulary compilation to the OS X Dictionary. is a community generated and verified English-German dictionary. The lar...

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Submerge: subtitles for your Apple TV, iPod, iPhone

I've been looking for a good way to get a subtitled movie – with a SubRip (srt) file – into iTunes, my Apple TV and my iPod. I hadn't found much joy before this morning. Then I stumbled upon Submerge. I need to do some tweaking in the detailed preferences yet, but it seems to do the tric...

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Jisho: Japanese to English translator for the Mac

I've watched as much anime as the next guy, but even I need a Japanese dictionary to figure out what those crazy robots are saying sometimes. Enter Jisho, a Japanese/English dictionary for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. You can search in the Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana forms of Japanese, and also in En...

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Cyberduck hits 2.8 with file transfer queueing

Henrik sends us word that Cyberduck, the other FTP app I use all the time, has been updated to version 2.8. New in this version, you can find the Ganymed SSH2 library, support for SCP transfers, file transfer queueing, the ability to limit bandwidth, and a number of other bugfixes and features. Henr...

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Ruby + AppleScript = RubyOSA

Our friends at Download Squad have discovered a melding of two scripting worlds: AppleScript and Ruby. RubyOSA is the darling scriptenstein of these two languages, and while I don't know a lick of either, I'm willing to bet this could be a popular amongst the code ninjas in the audience. Ruby is a p...

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