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Estimates emerge of Apple's Q1 iPhone, Mac sales

Apple typically reports their 1st quarter financial results in late January, so we'll have to wait a few more weeks for the official word. However, the analysts have begun to share their estimates and the numbers are very impressive. Brian Marshall at Broadpoint.AmTech has estimated that Apple so...

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Infectious 'Cut to the Core' design challenge winners

We reported the Infectious "Cut to the Core" design contest a while back, but the winners have just been announced and their designs are truly gorgeous. I rarely sticker my computers, but the Infectious skins are vinyl and won't leave a mess behind when you remove them. These designs are created to...

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Infectious sponsors "Cut to the Core" design contest for new laptop skins

If you'd like to see your design on a laptop and earn a little extra money to boot, head over to Infectious and check out their Cut to the Core design contest. They are accepting entries for a new run of MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop skins from now until August 4. Each skin is designed around a c...

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Road Tested: Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer laptop bag

After I traveled to Africa in February with a Tom Bihn Western Flyer bag loaded with geek gear, I wrote a post talking about how I packed that bag for the trip. It was the perfect bag on that vacation, as it allowed me to pack all of my gear into various little nooks and crannies, and it converted t...

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Don't panic: Liquid damage, and what to do about it

We've all had an "oh poopie" moment involving liquids: Time slows down, you watch as the glass tips over, its contents cascading (beautifully, in another context perhaps) over the rim and onto the table. The rivulets of beverage roll in a miniscule tidal wave across the surface, over the edge, and d...

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Dept. of deja vu: MacBookMini found in Adium stats

Reader Josh sent along this little note -- nothing too important, just something for you to file away for future reference. He just wanted us to point out that way, way down in the stats for Adium, the IM client for everyone who's not using iChat, there is one surreptitious listing for a "MacBookMin...

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More netbook rumors from Asian manufacturers

The rumor of an Apple-branded netbook just won't die, and Digitimes has reportedly found more evidence. This is a bit convoluted, so follow closely. Taiwan-based manufacturer Wintek has supposedly been selected to produce touchscreens for the still-theoretical netbook, which Digitimes corroborates w...

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TUAW Holiday Giveaway-tacular Part Three: cool portable accessories

Were you lucky enough to get one of Apple's new, greener portables? Today's prize bundle is geared for the mobile computer user and includes a Thermapak lap pad that helps to cool the machine, a lock to secure the machine in public and an iKlear polish kit for the screen. I had a chance to use the...

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Apple's new "green" notebook ad

Apple aired a new television ad here in the US earlier tonight. It touts the MacBook's low power consumption, recyclable enclosure and lack of some of the toxins present in other computers. Activist group Greenpeace has been pressuring Apple to adopt more environmentally-friendly production methods ...

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OLO's iPhone-powered Laptop

While you're waiting patiently for the Apple notebook event to start, here's something to look at: a laptop computer powered by an iPhone. OLO Computer is showing a concept computer that uses an iPhone as the CPU and touchpad. As you can see from the image at right, the computer is basically a dock ...

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File under "Hmmm": Best Buy website down

Maybe this is a coincidence, coming as it does on the eve of a big Apple announcement... it could be meaningless, just regularly scheduled inventory maintenance, the BB version of the yellow sticky note. Sure, that's probably it -- nothing to see here. Yeah. No reason at all to think that Best Buy'...

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Apple schedules laptop event for Oct. 14; leaked photos abound

Our sister site Engadget received an invitation for a town-hall event in San Francisco about new Apple notebooks, featuring an image of what could be hinting at possible new aluminum enclosures for 13-inch MacBooks. purports to have images of new aluminum cases for the MacBooks. Judgi...

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Create your own Mac tablet

Many Mac users have wanted a tablet for years, but Apple has definitely failed to deliver such a device. But if you think that the ModBook is too expensive, or if you're the DIY type, then why not build your own Mac tablet? Hack-A-Day has posted a gallery of images showing some of the various types ...

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Mac 101: Right-click on a laptop

Oh, the one-button mouse. You either love it or you hate it. Veteran Mac users adore the elegance and simplicity; switchers bemoan the loss of a second (or third) mouse button. Of course, the problem is easily fixed by either holding down the Control button or -- wait for it -- buying a two-button m...

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FastMac releases external charger for Mac notebook batteries

FastMac announced a new line of Mac notebook chargers today. FastMac found a work around for Apple not licensing the MagSafe chargers. TruePower U-Charge allows you to charge your notebook's batteries externally. Note that this does not power the Mac, it only charges batteries. This charger will cha...

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