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University of Oregon shows off engraved MacBook Pros

I've always been jealous of the folks who get free laptops from their work or school (back when I was in school, I used a paper notebook and a pen and liked it!), but I'm especially jealous of the folks from the University of Oregon's Center for Student Athletes, who not only get some sweet MacBook...

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New Apple touch display patent

Patently Apple has the news that Apple has filed for another touchscreen display patent, but here's the catch: this one's probably not for a tablet! Or at least, not for the tablet we're expecting. The patent, which covers the idea of a thinner and brighter touchscreen display by combining the touc...

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Apple nabs four of Engadget's 10 gadgets of the decade

Our friends over at Engadget have selected their top 10 gadgets of the last decade (the naughts, as I like to call them), and Apple has come up big: four out of the ten choices are made by the company from Cupertino. The iPhone is on the list (of course), as is the iPod. The original Titanium PowerB...

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Report: 12% of US households own a Mac

A new NPD report says that 12% of US households now own a Mac of some kind. That's a nice gain -- just a year ago, back in 2008, the same stat was at 9 percent, so Apple has made nice jumps just in the last 12 months. But before you start crowing about Apple's impending superiority, here's another f...

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New MBP offers top display quality, but some beg to differ

For pro photographers who care about color fidelity on a laptop screen, there's good news from Rob Galbraith on the revamped MacBook Pro line: the new laptops offer improved color performance, which Rob's review describes as "better colour accuracy than any Apple laptop we've profiled since...2001....

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Mac laptop glossy screens hazardous to your posture?

Well, we're still not sure our iPhones are safe to use, and now comes word from Australia that our brand spanking new glossy screens might be hurting us as well, through bad ergonomics. An HR advisory from Queensland University of Technology suggests that: "Reflections and glare on high gloss monito...

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Lawsuit claims MagSafe power cord not so safe

It was just a few days ago we were talking about hacked MagSafe connectors, and now a lawsuit seeking class action status claims the innovative connectors are a fire hazard and a risk to life, limb, and property. As an example, here's a link to some Flickr images of what is claimed is a melted MagSa...

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Consumer Reports still hearts Macs

Consumer Reports continues to shower praise on all things Apple it seems. In a report in the June issue, the Magazine says Apple won the top three places in the 13 inch laptop derby. The unibody MacBook was in first place, followed by the MacBook Air, with the white plastic MacBook in a solid third ...

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Microsoft at it again with 2nd ad tweaking Macs

Microsoft is really working hard to get potential Mac customers to either buy or stay with Windows-based PCs. After the initial "Lauren" ad -- see BusinessWeek's take on her choice of a poorly-rated HP model, and TechFlash & Apple 2.0 on her oddly extensive acting career for someone who supposed...

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New 17-inch MacBook Pro unveiled with integrated battery

In Phil Schiller's keynote speech this morning, Apple announced a new version of the 17-inch MacBook Pro that features a long-life, non-removable battery, thinner profile, and an optional anti-glare screen. The laptop is less than an inch thick, and weighs 6.6 pounds. It features a 2.66 GHz Intel Co...

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Apple sets "gold standard for corporate America"

There's a glowing article about Apple at Fortune today. Here was the stand-out line for me: "Apple's philosophy goes like this: Too many companies spread themselves thin, making a profusion of products to defuse risk, so they get mired in the mediocre. Apple's approach is to put every resource it ha...

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Macbook Air: The downside

The Macbook Air is only a couple of hours old (to you and me, at least), and only a handful of people have even seen one, so let's pick apart its flaws! Just kidding. This post is meant to point out certain aspects of the little machine that may not be immediately obvious. No user-replacable bat...

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Apple Laptops Transforming PC Sales?

Perhaps its just a case of wishful thinking, but according to a survey highlighted in a recent article at the UK edition of Macworld, Apple Computer's sales of laptops have increased dramatically over the last few months due, in large part, to the public's demand and awareness of Apple products -- c...

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Future Macs could be flash-based

Bloomberg is contemplating the future of Apple laptops this morning. Specifically, flash-based laptops with no internal hard drives. It has been suggested that Apple would use NAND flash memory chips in their machines, which are still much pricier than slim hard drives. Of course, NAND chip manufact...

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smcFanControl 2.0 supports all Intel Macs

Hendrik Holtmann's smcFanControl, a free (but donation-friendly) program released under the GNU public license, just got upgraded to version 2.0. The new version, which now works with all Intel Macs, controls your fan speed while monitoring your computer's internal temperature. The new version sits ...

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