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Massive budget SNAFU further damages LA's student iPad program

There's likely nothing more embarrassing for educators than messing up their own arithmetic, but as the LA Times reports, that's just what happened with the Los Angeles school district's student iPad program. On top of the fact that a good number of students have already found a way around the sch...

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LA Times critic disparages future Apple Campus

Los Angeles Times Architecture Critic, Christopher Hawthorne, examined the architectural plans for Apple's newly proposed campus and wasn't too pleased with what he saw. Instead of buying into Jobs' architectural sales pitch like the Cupertino City Council did, Hawthorne criticizes the buildi...

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Lost in translation: Microsoft retail stores not matching Apple success?

In a pattern we've seen repeated numerous times over the years, copying the superficial look and feel of something often does not yield the same end result. Over the years, Microsoft has frequently taken inspiration from the work of Apple, including Windows, Zune and, of course, its new retail ...

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Do you suffer from 'appiphilia'?

Do you download applications you don't even use? Do you stay up late, obsessively logging in to iTunes? If so, you may have appiphilia. But don't worry: Appiphilia is treatable with Appien, from the makers of Extensionil and Kaleidoscept. Talk to your doctor about Appien. For some patients, it ca...

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LA Times: 'I Am Rich' author sold eight copies

Armin Heinrich, developer of the do-nothing I Am Rich application, told the Los Angeles Times yesterday he sold eight copies of the app, which is no longer available in the App Store. If true, Heinrich pocketed $5,600 for his work, and Apple skimmed $2,400 off the top. According to Heinrich, six p...

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