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Google Latitude for iOS gets check-ins, Places boosts language support

Google updated two of its iOS applications with new features that make it easy to share and connect with your friends. Google Latitude, the social mapping application, now lets you check-in to places when you are out and about. With Latitude, you can see your friends on a map and share your loc...

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Google Latitude now on the App Store

Nearly 22 months after its first announcement, Google Latitude has finally landed on the iOS App Store. Unlike last week when the Latitude app appeared briefly in the Japanese store for a moment, this time it is official. Latitude is Google's location-based service that lets you see the location...

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Google Latitude app shows up, disappears from Japanese App Store

An app for Google Latitude briefly appeared on the Japanese iOS App Store yesterday, only to disappear a few hours later. Latitude is, of course, Google's persistent location-based service, allowing you to see where your friends are at on a map and share your own location in real time. There are ...

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Changes in Apple attitudes force changes in Google Latitude

We didn't want to let the week slip into the weekend without mention of the long-awaited release, on Thursday afternoon, of Google's Latitude client for iPhone, allowing users to update their locations to the social service and keep track of friends and family on the move (otherwise known as "iStalk...

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Google will have your latitude and longitude

Google has launched new location-based social software which is available to many smartphone users today. Latitude will share your location with others and allow you to to view your friends' locations as well. You can then contact them using text messaging, instant message or a phone call. The servi...

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Mac OS drivers appear in Dell download list

Somehow, some way, Mac OS drivers have appeared as a download option for a Dell Latitude X1. How many times do we have to tell you Michael Dell: You can't sell Mac OS X, no matter how often or how badly you wish to sell an operating system that's made for this century. Besides, trying to sneak it o...

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