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iPhone keynote video used to invalidate patent in Germany

The Federal Patent Court of Germany has determined that Apple's patent for a "Portable electronic device for photo management" is invalid due to the fact that Steve Jobs himself showed off the feature months before the patent was filed. The portion of the patent that has become an issue has to dea...

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Judge throws out case involving faulty iPhone power button

GigaOM reports that a judge in San Jose this week threw out a case alleging that Apple sold the iPhone 4 and 4S knowing full well that the devices featured a faulty power button designed to malfunction after the warranty expired. The case was originally filed by two men in California who sought cla...

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Apple is now the undisputed No. 1 victim of all patent trolling

When you're one of the world's most valuable companies, it's not hard to find people hoping to lift a few bucks from your coffers by whatever means they can. And when it comes to patent trolling, the top target of patent trolls is none other than Apple, according to international law firm Winston ...

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Amazon and Apple close out the 'app store' lawsuit

After many months of legal bickering over whether Amazon's use of the term "app store" somehow undermined Apple's own thriving digital marketplace, Cupertino has decided to drop the case entirely. Reuters reports that the case was officially dismissed today by US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton afte...

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Judge Koh reduces damages in Apple v. Samsung case by $450 million, orders new trial

There's been a significant development in the court case that saw Apple awarded US$1.05 billion in damages last August. According to The Recorder, Judge Lucy Koh has ordered that the amount Samsung must pay Apple be reduced by $450 million, or almost 40 percent, and that a new trial be held to ...

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David Einhorn drops his lawsuit against Apple

Greenlight Capital hedge fund manager David Einhorn has decided to end what Apple CEO Tim Cook has referred to as a "silly sideshow" by dropping the lawsuit he'd brought against 1 Infinite Loop in early February. Filed in conjunction with other Apple shareholders, the lawsuit sought to force Appl...

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Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $363K daily in patent dispute

Here's one way to force two warring companies to hash things out. A federal judge has ordered Apple to cough up more than US$360,000 daily to VirnetX until the two can come to an agreement on the former licensing four of the latter's patents. The penalties stem from a verdict delivered in Novem...

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Apple fails to get Galaxy Nexus sales ban reinstated

After the US Court of Appeals reversed a proposed sales ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus this past October, Apple requested that the ban be reconsidered. The request was a long shot and it didn't swing in Cupertino's favor, as Reuters reports that the ban has been shot down by the court yet again....

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Apple scores trademark for store design

Given that Apple is well-known for its iconic, glass-heavy store designs, the fact that the company has been attempting to trademark its look shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Now, Mashable reports that as we approach the three-year anniversary of Apple's attempt to trademark the design, th...

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US judge won't help Samsung in Japanese suit against Apple

Samsung's latest legal maneuver in its ongoing patent war with Apple has been shot down by a US court. The company was attempting to get Judge Paul S. Grewal to issue a subpoena demanding that Apple turn over evidence so it could use it in a case getting underway in Japan. The evidence included...

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Apple's warranty practices questioned in Belgium

Belgian consumer watchdog agency, Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats, is not happy with the AppleCare protection plans offered to customers who purchase Apple hardware. The group has filed a complaint that claims Apple doesn't properly explain consumer rights when it markets and sells these warranties to...

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New services allow app piracy without jailbreaking

With the fall of app piracy tool Installous and the seemingly difficult-to-jailbreak iOS 6 holding its own, it might appear that those who prefer to pirate apps rather than pay for them would be having a rough time. According to TNW, that's simply not the case. Thanks to a pair of services whic...

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Court dismisses Apple's false advertising claim against Amazon's 'Appstore'

According to Bloomberg, online retailer Amazon has scored a big win against the 1 Infinite Loop gang in court. Apple has been trying since March 2011 to have Amazon's use of the term "Appstore" to describe its, well, app store for Android applications declared fale advertising. Today, a judge d...

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Attempts to ban Apple devices could see Samsung fined $15 billion

The European Commission has made it clear that it's none too happy with Samsung over the company's attempts to get Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad banned there. The Guardian reports that the commission is claiming Samsung tried to use so-called standard-essential patents to request ...

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Apple drops Galaxy S III mini from patent case

More news today from the ongoing legal tussle between Apple and Samsung. Reuters reports that 1 Infinite Loop's lawyers have withdrawn the Galaxy S III mini handset from the company's ongoing patent infringement case against Samsung. The device was added to the lawsuit just last month. The deci...

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