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AT&T and Verizon mutually drop lawsuits, customers rejoice

Both companies were looking pretty stupid, with half-baked attack ads and claims, counter claims and lawsuits that get lawyers rich and customers wondering if the money might be better spent. Anyway, the Wall Street Journal and others are reporting that: AT&T Inc. (T) on Wednesday dismisse...

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Whoa! AT&T has had enough of the Verizon slams

AT&T is clearly not going to take it anymore. Today, they blasted back at Verizon for the nasty ads about AT&T coverage. In a press release today, the communications giant pulled out all the stops: "AT&T's wireless data coverage reaches 303 million people – or 97% of the U.S....

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Psystar: What's the French Word for Lawsuit?

Yesterday, Mike posted about the new commercial hackintosh from Psystar. Many of our readers noted that, wow, that was a lawsuit waiting to happen -- or as Fake Steve put it, Psystar is French for "We're about to go out of business". Update 11 am Tuesday: InformationWeek is reporting that Psystar be...

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RIP Think Secret

Always provocative, sometimes right, often wrong, Think Secret was our scandalous favorite rumors site and now it is gone. According to the Settlement page listed at their site, Apple and Think Secret have ended their lawsuit and Nick Ciarelli has shut down the site.Goodbye Think Secret, we'll miss ...

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New iPhone class action filed in NY over iPhone SIM lock-in, international roaming fees

You know what they say: let the good times class action lawsuits roll! Or something like that. The latest in what I'm sure is to be a long list of iPhone-related class action lawsuits was filed in New York today over the iPhone's SIM card lock-in, as well as what the plaintiff alleges is Apple withh...

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Let the iPhone class-action lawsuits begin

I hope somebody somewhere made a bit of cash from betting on when the first iPhone class-action lawsuit would appear, cuz this one gets us off to a strong start: Gizmodo is reporting that Jose Trujillo has filed a lawsuit over one of the most hotly debated un-features of the iPhone: its non-removabl...

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Apple versus Microsoft

So what's the real difference between Apple and Microsoft? Microsoft tries to bribe bloggers. Apple sues them. It would be hard to come up with a joke as odd as this real-life situation. Someone posted a link to a site that used iPhone screen shots to skin Windows Mobile phones. Let me repeat. It wa...

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Class action lawsuits filed against Apple

Just when you think Apple's financial woes have begun to recede, Forbes.com alerts us to a slew of recently filed class action lawsuits that all have the big fruit in their sights. First up is yet another complaint alleging that Apple has created a monopoly by tying iTS purchases to the iPod and onl...

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Apple settles iTunes UI lawsuit

Someone at Apple has had to keep the checkbook on call lately. After forking over $100m to Creative for an iPod UI patent spat, Apple has just settled a second lawsuit, this time over various basic elements of the iTunes UI and functionality. We reported this way back in June of '05 when Contois Mus...

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Apple pays $100m to Creative in patent lawsuit settlement

Remember all that talk of Creative beating Apple to the punch with patenting various elements of the iPod's UI? Today these talks came to an end, with Apple whipping out the checkbook, and Creative (I'm assuming) throwing a party. That's right: Apple has shelled out USD $100 million to Creative for ...

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Apple gives up on Asteroid suit

Remember that rumored Firewire breakout box (codename: Asteroid) for Garageband that was leaked to a few websites? You know, the one that Apple decided was important enough to sue said bloggers to find out who their sources were? Ahh, I thought you would. Apple won the first ruling which would have ...

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