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LG signs 5-year contract with Apple for displays

LG has won a five-year contract to provide LCDs for Apple, Inc. According to Softpedia, Apple wanted LG's LCD and next-generation OLED displays for not only notebooks and Cinema Displays, but for iPhones and iPods as well. LG will receive a deposit of US$500 million to begin work under the contract....

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Apple LED Displays shipping soon

Last night, some eagle-eyed readers noticed that Apple has changed the shipping status for the LED Cinema Displays. Previously, the status said "Coming Soon," but as of last night it says "Ships in 7-10 Business Days." However, the option to buy is still not available on the Apple Store page. I ...

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DIY iFlash for the iPhone

Reader Joe, he of the Ringtonator program we've posted about before, has sent word of a crazy cool hack-- using LEDs and a broken iPod car charger, he's created what he has dubbed the iFlash-- an external flash device for the iPhone's camera. And it actually works really well. Apparently he used a...

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Sony recalls eight Cyber-shot models

I hereby declare Sony to have had the worst 2006 year of any company. As if major PS3 shortages and being blamed for everyone's exploding batteries aren't enough, they now have to recall eight different models of Cyber-shot cameras that were sold between September 2003 and January 2005. The BBC is r...

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eMac LCD conversion hack

This is cool. At my repair job, when someone brings in a broken eMac which turns out to have a bad analog board, we don't think twice about telling then that all is lost. Replacing an analog board on all but the newest machines would cost more than the machine is worth. This guy, however, decided n...

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Rig of the Day: Mac on a wall

We just can't get enough of those wall mounted LCDs. Check out mkwhitley's Mac on a wall. The Dell 2005FPW 20" LCD on the wall is connected to a Mac mini hidden beneath his desk, with the cables popping out at the baseboard. We love it. "Mac on a wall" posted by mkwhitley. If you'd like to see your...

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Rig of the Day: World's thinnest desktop

What do you do with your Powerbook when its display finally dies? Toss it? Just buy a new LCD for it? No. You connect it to that big old CRT you've got sitting around. The result is the world's thinnest desktop Mac. "2nd Life of a Powerbook" posted by qny. If you'd like to see your own r...

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