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Vietnamese site leaks details of updated MacBook

Vietnamese site Tinhte, the same site that leaked video of the next iPhone a few days ago, has published pictures and specs of the next MacBook. On the outside, the new MacBook appears identical to what's currently being sold, with a plastic unibody enclosure and a 13.3" LED-backlit display. Interna...

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Another lost iPhone prototype?

It's looking like another iPhone prototype spontaneously vanished from Cupertino's campus, but this one seems like it may have made it all the way out to Vietnam. A Vietnamese forum has posted several pictures of the next-gen iPhone similar in most details to the prototype that Gizmodo bought. Accor...

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Found footage: Next-gen iPhone middle plate assembly

Just like the iPhone LCD leak back in March, SmartPhone Medic got their hands on another piece of next-gen iPhone hardware. This time they've posted a video of the middle plate assembly for the upcoming iPhone. SmartPhone Medic notes that the part looks identical to the one in the prototype iPho...

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Gizmodo editor's house searched by police last Friday

Gizmodo editor Jason Chen came home last Friday to find police going through his house in California, according to a just-posted report on the blog that purchased Apple's prototype iPhone, originally lost in a bar a few weeks ago. We posted an analysis over the weekend about Gizmodo's possible liab...

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Possible leaked iPod nano case shows new design

According to our sister site, Engadget, a leaked iPod nano case shows a new design that is completely different than the current nano. All this comes after Kevin Rose, of Digg fame, created a rumor that among other things, a new iPod nano might be coming in September. Beelan, a Chinese accessory ma...

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FCC leaks Apple's request for iPhone confidentiality

Perhaps Apple should have sent the FCC a request of confidentiality for their request for confidentiality on the iPhone. Engadget has found a copy of Apple's request to the FCC to keep the iPhone under wraps. Whether or not they will (or can) keep Apple's big play into mobile phones quiet remains...

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More juicy in-depth Leopard screenshots of Spaces, Mail, Safari and more

At this point it seems like these websites are placing bets between each other to see who can get closest to an NDA violation without actually getting nailed with one. HardMac has posted the latest set of (non-blurry, properly grabbed) screenshots of some hitherto unforeseen areas of Mac OS X 10.5 L...

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New Cleveland Apple Store leaked

An anonymous tipster has clued us in to a Cleveland mall's website PR stunt mix-up in leaking an upcoming Apple Store. That's right west-side Cleveland, Ohio residents - soon you won't have to trek across town just to get your iPod reset or to score an ice pack for your MacBook Pro: the Croker Park...

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Liquid cooled Power Macs are leaking

Imagine waking up one morning to find that a glowing green goo was dripping from the cheese-grater bottom of your shiny Power Mac. Horrible even to imagine, I know. Unfortunately, this has become a reality for some owners of recent liquid cooled Power Macs. According to reports, the leaks stem from...

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Appellate arguments heard in Apple v. Does subpoena dispute

A California appellate court heard arguments yesterday on a highly charged discovery issue about a subpoena issued by Apple in its trade secret lawsuit, Apple v. Does. The twists and turns of legal process can be a mystery to non-lawyers and even to those of us who had the dubious honor of sweating ...

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