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Belkin, LEGO partner to make "buildable" iPhone, iPod touch cases (updated)

Update: Pocket-Lint has photos of what the cases will look like. Accessory manufacturer Belkin announced a multi-year licensing partnership with LEGO today. Belkin will be creating a new line of cases that use LEGO bricks as inspiration for what the company is calling a "buildable case experi...

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Vintage Mac is beautiful in LEGO

Canadian graphics and web designer Chris McVeigh has built and lovingly photographed this gorgeous LEGO Mac. It looks fantastic and we'd love to have it on our desks. McVeigh told CNET that he works out ideas in LEGO Digital Designer. "The advantage of starting off a project digitally is that...

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Upcoming Lego Mindstorms EV3 to include iOS support

Lego Mindstorms robotics kits have captured the imaginations of millions of tech tinkerers young and old. Now Lego has announced that the 15 year-old educational robotics platform will gain compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Lego Mindstorms EV3, expected in the second half of 2013 at a...

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Lego Apple Store could become reality with your support

Everybody loves Lego, and almost everybody loves Apple. Put the two of them together, and you have a Lego Apple Store. Lego Cuusoo user "gotoandbuild" has designed a Lego Modular Apple Store that he'd love to get votes for so his design can possibly become a real product. Lego Cuusoo is like a "Ki...

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LEGO Life of George game combines iPhone and real LEGOs

It was only a matter of time before toy companies began to develop interactive toys that use the iPhone and iPad. Earlier this week, Disney unveiled Appmates, a series of physical toy cars that you can drive on the screen of the iPad. And today, Lego unveiled its new Life of George game that...

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Apple engineer re-creates Greek computer with LEGOs

It's fitting that an Apple software engineer would re-create what's possibly the world's oldest-known computer ... by using LEGOs. Andrew Carol used around 1,500 LEGOs to re-create the Antikythera mechanism, a machine that ancient Greeks used to foretell celestial events. He made four gearboxes w...

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LEGO Harry Potter available for iOS, but iPad requires 4.2

Warner Bros. has released the game LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, and it's available as a universal download from the App Store for US$4.99. Gameplay includes going inside Hogwarts castle, the most detailed LEGO game location ever; the game provides 40+ levels of play along with endless freeplay to d...

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No Comment: LEGO iPad stand shows ingenuity, parsimony

We could say "Nice use of found materials in that iPad stand! It's a shame that the next person who tries to build out the LEGO City Truck is going to be short a few pieces, but that's the way the brick bounces sometimes." We won't, though, because this image is a genuine No Comment. P.S. B...

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Friday Flickr Find: Unboxing an iPad, LEGO style

For many of us Apple geeks, unboxing your new product is *almost* as much fun as actually using it. And while there are several ways to show off the event, having the box opened entirely by LEGO minifigures photography is probably one of the most creative and interesting ones I've seen. Enter ...

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Star Wars Lego iPhone dock gives Force to the iPhone

Chris Harrison has four addictions: caffeine, Legos, his iPhone, and Star Wars. Put those together and what do you get? A Star Wars Lego iPhone dock, of course. The image to the right is just one of the creations Chris has built. Check out his Flickr page for a host of others (many are quite impress...

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Found Footage: LEGO steering wheel for the iPhone

You can make an iPhone dock out of LEGOs, so why not a steering wheel? Check out the above video to see the LEGO-built steering wheel in action. And, if you can't get enough of LEGOs on your iPhone, give LEGO Photo [iTunes link] and LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games [iTunes link] a try. [Via Cu...

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Build customized LEGO packs with LEGO Digital Designer

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? Neither have I. Well, if your friends or loved ones have a particular affinity for LEGO's construction toys, consider using LEGO Digital Designer to order a customized building block set for them. Via LEGO's DESIGNbyME, Mindstorms, and Creator-based the...

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Find My iPhone location tracking enables all-city chase

We're not 100% convinced of the safety of his approach, but Kevin Miller's determination to recover his lost iPhone -- combined with the power of MobileMe's new Find My iPhone feature -- led him on a wild chase across Chicago, which he visited while he was attending a LEGO convention in nearby Whe...

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Flickr Find: An Apple Store in Lego land

At the Austin Maker Faire last month, careful observers noted a small addition to a miniature main street created by the Texas LEGO User Group: An Apple retail store, complete with products inside. TexLUG created a town and space-themed layout that included working trains and motors. Other photos ...

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The Lego Apple Store

Man, for all of the gadget lovin', excellent software, and community power floating around the Mac crowd, this is the real reason why I'm such a fan of the cult of Mac: someone loved the Apple Store enough to make a Lego version of it. Just awesome -- look at the little nanochromatic iPods, the to...

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