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Paul Kent gives TUAW the latest news about Macworld 2010

As a Mac-head who has attended the Macworld Expo and Conference on and off since the late 1980s, I met the announcement last December that Apple would no longer attend the event with a big, jaw-breaking yawn. Personally, I never attended Macworld for the Apple display, which was overcrowded and sta...

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MacTech's 25 most influential, version 2007

MacTech has released their MacTech 25 for the second year in a row-- it's a list of the top 25 most influential people in the Mac community (as selected by the community itself), and it reads like a who's who of people doing great stuff : John Gruber, the suave-looking Aaron Hillegass and Brent Simm...

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Gear Media Tech podcast from the Pixel Corps

Leo and his growing band of merry podcasters can *not* stop generating media, and one of their latest efforts just might give the rest of us a smoother ride while hopping on the bandwagon. Gear Media Tech (iTS podcast link) is a new podcast headlined by Leo Laporte, Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay (wh...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Leo Laporte, Part 3

The third, and final installment, from my conversation with Leo Laporte covers a number of topics that you, the TUAW reader, wanted to know about. Will Leo bring the Screensavers back? Is Amber MacArthur single? Will Apple keep selling computers? All these questions, and more, are answered by Leo. ...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Leo Laporte, Part 2

We continue our conversation with Leo Laporte from the press room at Macworld. Today Leo and I discuss the iPhone, the Apple TV, and if Apple is still a computer company. For those of you who hate the Netscape player (you know who you are) here are links to the iPod ready version, and the full qual...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Leo Laporte, Part 1

Here is part one of a three part discussion with lead TWiT Leo LaPorte. Leo and talk about Macworld Expo and all things iPhone. We'll have part two up on Monday....

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Leo Laporte might go 100% Mac: "So long Suckah"

Leo Laporte, podcaster extraordinare and the web's general tech-guru-on-steroids, has blogged that the Soundbooth beta Adobe announced today just might let him jump ship to the Mac entirely. Since the first days of his podcasting adventures, Leo's been using Adobe's Audition for all his podcast reco...

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Get that distraction-free, uncluttered desktop with latest MacBreak

It seems there are two slowly diverging schools of thought in terms of working on a Mac: to multi-task, or not to. While an independent (though Apple-commissioned) study has been released supporting the increased productivity theory via larger displays and more stuff on-screen at once, not everyone ...

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MacBreak hits stride

We've written about MacBreak before, the Mac video podcast by Leo Laporte and friends, however, they weren't being updated regularly. Well, it looks like the stars have aligned because there has been a flurry of activity over at MacBreak. This is a good time to check MacBreak out and see what they h...

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TWiT Number 38: Comments from the live taping

In lieu of other parties on Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to get registered for the live recording of This Week in Tech, or as it is popularly called, TWiT. For those who don't know, TWiT is one of the most popular podcasts out there, featuring the inimitable Leo Laporte (he used to be on TechTV...

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