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Ngmoco picks up $25 million in funding, buys Freeverse

TechCrunch is reporting that iPhone game company Ngmoco has just picked up $25 million in another round of fundraising, which they used to buy out Freeverse, one of the most storied Mac game developers (and recently, iPhone game developers) on the block. The two companies were already close -- Freev...

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Apple updates patent for magic wand remote

Apple has updated a patent that they already held featuring a sort of a Magic Wand -- a remote control for operating a media system by controlling an on-screen cursor. That might sound familiar if you own a Wii -- even the pictures look very similar to the way the Wiimote currently works. And the p...

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Xbox Live app for iPhone

360 Live [App Store link] certainly isn't the first Xbox 360 app to hit the iPhone, but it's definitely one of the most full-featured, offering gamertag management, complete friends list access, messaging capability, games library browsing (with achievements and all), and even a CoverFlow-style fri...

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WWDC Demo: Mashduo compares iTunes libraries

When traveling, I am always amused to see other iTunes libraries appear in my iTunes as we all glom on to the same wireless network. "Oh, hello there, Sandy's MacBook, I didn't realize you were such a Hootie and the Blowfish fan." If you're constantly asking your friends about their iTunes librari...

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Delicious Library for iPhone runs afoul of Amazon's API terms, pulled from App Store

Update: As one might expect, this API restriction has also hit Pocketpedia; the app is now pulled as well (as of 7/17). Sudden removal of an item from the App Store isn't unheard of; sometimes an app has a hidden bug or a content problem, and if Apple hasn't seen fit to take it off the store shelve...

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iTunes library tool SuperSync half-off today

I haven't run the numbers thoroughly, but there's a team consensus here that iTunes library management and synchronization questions occupy high slots in the top 10 list of frequent questions to Ask TUAW and our tip line. With multiple machines, iPods/iPhones and massive libraries of media, keeping ...

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How to move your iTunes library (more safely than I did)

I should say, even before I start this post, that I've moved my iTunes library from one installation of iTunes to another, and what I did was just copy everything in the /Music/iTunes folder from one Mac to the other. But that's the transfer equivalent of parallel parking a semi and stopping when it...

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Take back your iWeb galleries in Firefox 3

Just as Firefox users were upgrading to version 3 last week, many people started to miss their iWeb-created galleries as they just disappeared. Well, one iWeb user has been doing extra work to fix Apple's? (erm... Mozilla's?) problem. Joshua Ochs has posted an in-depth article on his site describi...

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Delicious Library 2.0 is now shipping

The beta period is over and Delicious Library 2.0 is officially ready to go (we took an early look at version 2 back in March). If you're unfamiliar, Delicious Library is the beautiful personal media database (that's the fancy way of saying "it keeps track of your stuff") that's as fun as it is usef...

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iPhoto Library Manager 3.3 brings iPhoto '08 compatibility, more

Whether you have a good reason for wanting to maintain more than one iPhoto library or your collection simply became un-browsable long ago, Brian Webster's iPhoto Library Manager is your answer. This slick little utility was mentioned briefly in an Ask TUAW back in May, but to summarize: iPhoto L...

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Menuet and Art Collector released as careware

Ollie Wagner sends word that he has release both of his Spencere apps, Menuet and Art Collector, as careware. Over on his site, you can get both of the apps for free, as long as you promise to donate to the charity of your choice (he's listed eight good choices if you don't have a preference). We've...

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Possible bug with iPhone synching and external iTunes libraries

TUAW reader Jamie Phelps has possibly stumbled upon a nasty iPhone synching bug when keeping one's iTunes library on an external hard drive. While tips like our how-tos for setting up iTunes with external drives or even an AirPort Disk work pretty well even when synching iPods with them, Jamie found...

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Mac 101: Sharing your iTunes Library in 3 easy steps

Apple makes it super-easy for you to share your iTunes media between computers. It's just a matter of three steps to get iTunes sharing up and running. If you have a local network in your house but you've never tried this out, here's a simple quick-start. Read on to discover the three easy steps to ...

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TUAW How To: Use your iTunes library over AirPort Disk

Last September we showed you how to keep your iTunes library on an external hard drive. While doing the same thing over an AirPort Disk with Apple's new AirPort Extreme Base Station sounds like it should more or less be the same situation, there are a couple of new catches to be aware of. Never ...

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Add music to auto-synced iPods from any Mac (photos and videos, too)

At last, the chains that bind an auto-synced iPod have been broken; or at least, this is the first time I've heard of such a simple hint for adding music (and possibly photos and video) to an iPod already bound to another computer's library. Mac OS X Hints has a surprisingly simple tip for accomplis...

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