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Adobe ships Lightroom 2

Adobe announced today that Lightroom 2, a major update to their photography workflow app, is now available. Lightroom 2 will cost you $299, with an upgrade price of $99, but it includes a host of new features, improvements, and general whizbangery. The biggest news for Mac users is that Lightroom 2 ...

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Lightroom 1.4.1 and Camera raw 4.4.1 released

Adobe has dropped updates for both Lightroom and Camera Raw. According to the Lightroom team's blog, the updates include all the changes of the previous releases, but also correct a few issues. Lightroom 1.4.1 will keep the EXIF time date field of images from being incorrectly modified, and has fixe...

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Adobe releases 64-bit Lightroom 2 beta with Retouch tool

Over at the Adobe Labs Lightroom site, the beta for Lightroom 2 is now available. John Nack revealed that among other things (release notes PDF) version 2 will feature 64-bit support as well as a new Retouch tool. This marks a shift toward selective editing similar to the new editing plugin architec...

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Stop your iPhone from auto-launching iPhoto (or Aperture, etc.)

One particularly annoying thing about plugging in my iPhone is that it always launches Aperture and prompts for permission to import photos. While you should be able to turn this off (in the preferences of the Image Capture application), what if you still want iPhoto (or Aperture, Lightroom, etc.) t...

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Ask TUAW: Automounting a network drive, iPhone flash memory, XMP photo metadata and more

Last week's Ask TUAW prompted an avalanche of questions, so we're going to have to pace ourselves. For this episode we'll tackle questions about auto-mounting a network drive, sending email across an internet sharing Mac, wearing out iPhone flash, using Adobe XMP photo metadata in Windows and OS X, ...

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Lightroom 1.1 is available

Lightroom has been updated to version 1.1, and with it comes a very long list of changes. James Duncan Davidson has taken a good look at the update at Inside Lightroom. Here are a few highlights. View the shutter, aperture, and ISO settings you use most often instantly Template Browsers in the...

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TUAW Podcast #25: Aperture

Now that I'm on the home stretch of my undergrad (just a thesis project left to finish), I'm finally able to stretch my legs into some hobbies I've been meaning to pick up. One such hobby is photography, and since I've been flexing my digital tools, I've quickly become enamored with Aperture, App...

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Grudgematch: Aperture vs. Lightroom

TUAW reader Sherrod is a photographer on a mission: He's going to examine Lightroom and Aperture side by side, and he needs your help. He has set up what will be a series of posts looking at each of the applications, with the intention of declaring a winner. Sherrod asks his readers what they'd like...

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Lightroom vs. Aperture - What's Best?

Now that Adobe has officially shipped Lightroom (as we recently mentioned), the natural question is: which one is better, Lightroom or Aperture? Of course folks have been playing with the Lightroom beta for quite some time, so this is not new question, but Derrick Story over at MacDevCenter posts on...

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 now available

It is mid-February, and you know what that means: Adobe today announced the immediate availability of it's competitor to Apple's Aperture, Photoshop Lightroom. Version 1.0 includes the updated Camera Raw 3.7 framework which adds support for a number of new cameras including the Nikon D40 and Penta...

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Adobe says Lightroom ships mid-February, thanks beta testers

Adobe has announced a shipping date of February 19th for Lightroom, their new toolbox for professional photographers that's been in beta for the last year. Lightroom carries a final retail price of $299, but until April 30th, Adobe is saying thanks to everyone who participated in the beta (and lower...

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom + Flickr Uploadr

Fraser Speirs already released a Flickr plugin for Aperture, but what about the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom users in the crowd (John Gruber has a nice piece on the ridiculousness of adding the 'Photoshop' prefix to Lightroom's name)? As it turns out, through a little trickery, Lightroom can be tweaked...

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Aperture vs Lightroom

I am solidly in the rank amateur category of photographers, which is why I have never had reason to look into either Aperture or Lightroom. My camera doesn't even shoot in RAW. However, James Duncan Davidson earns his way by shooting photographs and as such has used both Aperture and Lightroom (whic...

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Adobe releases Lightroom beta 3

This one slipped past us: Adobe has released a third beta of Lightroom, their Aperture-competitor for professional photographers. The release notes are in PDF (I guess HTML is old news for the company who owns both Flash and Acrobat), but overall, improvements include: enhancements to import/export...

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Adobe targets Aperture with Lightroom

Remember when Steve said that Aperture is not a competitor to Adobe's products, but a companion? Perhaps Adobe didn't take Steve's message to heart. Earlier today at Macworld, Adobe released the public beta of Lightrooom, a new, professional digital imaging application that has much of the same func...

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