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IRC on the iPad: Colloquy and Linkinus

I was originally going to do a "TUAW Smackdown" for iPad Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients, but after testing both mobile Colloquy and Linkinus, there's not a lot of smacking to do. Both apps are well-written, solid offerings that I can wholeheartedly recommend. They allow you to set up your connect...

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Clips updated to 1.1

Clips is a relatively new application (designed by our friend Nicholas Penree and his cohorts at Conceited Software, who also sell Linkinus) designed to kick your clipboard into overdrive -- it'll let you keep track of any and all clips even across applications, Spaces, and even different Macs. Th...

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Linkinus 1.3 brings split chats, embedded videos, and a performance boost

Linkinus is the preferred IRC client for a lot of our readers, I know (personally I tend towards Colloquy, but only because I'm a cheapskate and it's donationware), and they kindly dropped us a note to let us know they'd updated to version 1.3. The new build includes the ability to split chat wind...

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MacHeist giving away Linkinus

Last week I wrote about something brewing over on the MacHeist pages, and this week it looks like the project has come to fruition-- it's called Skunk Works, and in addition to the giveaways they're doing with the MacUpdate promo, they're now giving away software. Yes, signing up on that page is sup...

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Linkinus IRC Client

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the grand-daddy of all instant messaging protocols. My modest IRC needs have traditionally been satisfied by the nice donationware application Colloquy, but reader Jago writes in to tell us about a new OS X IRC client: Linkinus. The three-column interface appears attract...

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