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iOS surpasses Linux as browsing platform

Seems like only yesterday that Linux was vastly outpacing iOS in terms of how many were using it as a browsing platform. Actually, make that last November; at that time, Linux's presence more than doubled the total iOS stake. Now, iOS-based browsers claim 1.13 percent of all browsing platforms, comp...

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Humble Indie Bundle offers five great Mac games for pay-what-you-will

A group of independent game developers have released a "Humble Indie Bundle," and if you're a Mac gamer, it's a treasure trove. For a donation of your choice (the retail value is set at $80, but you can pay what you want, and you can even specify whether your money goes to the game developers or ...

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Found Footage: Android running on the iPhone

Hacker David "Planetbeing" Wong has posted a video of Google's Linux-based Android OS running via OpeniBoot on the iPhone. Obviously, it's way off of Apple's reservation, but as you can see in the video above, it works very well -- you can browse the web, play media, and even send and receive cal...

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Report: iPhone is number three smartphone platform worldwide

(Chart by Apple Insider) A new Gartner report puts the iPhone at number three on the list of smartphone platforms in use worldwide, right behind Nokia's Symbian OS and the RIM software used in Blackberry devices. More importantly, the report has Apple's device gaining market share -- its unit share...

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The Flash saga continues: Adobe responds to charges of "laziness"

Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe, has posted the latest riposte in the ongoing fencing match between Apple and Adobe concerning the lack of Flash support in Apple's portable products, including the iPad. Apple's latest word on the subject reputedly came from Steve Jobs himself at the recent Town Hall meeti...

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CrossOver Games releases version 8.1.0

The folks behind CrossOver Games sent us a note that version 8.1.0 of their software has come out, and it's got some nice upgrades for Mac and Linux folks who prefer to run their games in Windows almost-emulators (it's based on Wine, and as we all know, Wine Is Not an Emulator) rather than Boot Cam...

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How to set up Ubuntu Linux on a Mac -- it's easy and free

I received a private tweet from a reader the other day, who asked a question about a previous post in which I had installed Windows 7 RC1 on a Mac using Sun's VirtualBox. The tweet asked, "You did a post about installing Win 7 on the Mac for free. How about Linux?," which set up a challenge. Not onl...

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CrossOver Games 8.0 released

Codeweavers tells us that they've released version 8 of their Crossover Games software -- I tried it out a while ago, and found that while it was a pretty good way to play their recommended games, once you went off the reservation, things got a little hairy. Then again, that was a long time ago, an...

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Google Chrome OS under development

Google just announced they are indeed developing the long-rumored Chrome OS. Expected to be web-focused with a minimal user interface, the lightweight open source operating system will appear initially on netbooks running either x86 or ARM processors. Expansion to the desktop and full-powered laptop...

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Kerio MailServer 6.7

Yesterday, amidst the SlingMobile débâcle and an OS update, Kerio Technologies released Kerio Mail MailServer 6.7. The mail and collaboration server, often used as a replacement for Exchange, has added several new features, including a few geared toward Mac users. The Kerio Global Addre...

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id pushing hard for Quake Live on the Mac

Our good friends at Joystiq recently spoke to id games' John Carmack (the man behind games like Quake and Doom, and fervent supporter of Mac gaming), and heard that id's new product, Quake Live, is headed to our OS just as soon as they can get it there. Quake Live is a free, browser-based, multipla...

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Lugaru shows why game devs should support OS X and Linux

Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games has an intriguing post up about why developers of videogames like himself should go out of their way to support the OS X and Linux markets. Their game, Lugaru, is available on Windows, OS X and Linux, and the upcoming sequel, Overgrowth, is also being developed for OS X. ...

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iPhone hackers achieve a milestone: Linux boot

Call it the Touchable Penguin. OK, the touchscreen drivers aren't there yet, but the simple, scrolling shell output of a Linux kernel running on the iPhone represents a big achievement for the iPhone Dev Team and dev lead 'planetbeing.' The build is far from complete -- no wireless networking, no so...

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Sync your iPhone's music library in Linux, the wireless way

Linux users are a bit left out in the cold when it comes to the iPhone, but if you're a Linux user who wants to sync your music library with your iPhone, Lifehacker's got a tutorial on how to do just that. Video syncing seems to work as well, but images are apparently a little idiosyncratic. You'...

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Apple TV linux bootloader

If the native hackability of the version of OS X on the Apple TV isn't enough for you, there's now a convenient boot loader that allows you to install linux. This also opens up the possibility of running linux based video software, particularly MPlayer, Myth TV, and XMBC. Further, since there are li...

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