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The Daily launch at 11am to stream live, coming to compete

It's less than an hour until the NYC launch event for The Daily, News Corp's much-anticipated newspaper for the iPad. If you want to keep up with the event live, it appears that it will be streamed directly from For those who follow such things, Poynter has sussed out the likely masth...

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iTunes 10. It lives

Have you been waiting all day for iTunes 10 to go live? It finally has. Although the download page remains a little spotty, this direct link seems to work fine for downloading. We're installing our version right now and will update with fun iTunes facts as we discover them. Happy Pinging, everyon...

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Apple to stream video of tomorrow's live event

It looks like Apple has decided that it's finally time to let the public in on their press events -- the company will be streaming live footage from the event tomorrow on its website. Traditionally, the company has depended on third parties (like, ahem, us -- we'll still be metaliveblogging the eve...

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Finger painting on the iPad

We've speculated before about what artists could do with the iPad's bigger screen, and here's an answer. In the video above, portrait artist David Kassan uses the Brushes app to create a painting from a live model. I don't know what the fingerless gloves are all about, but you can definitely see ...

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Apple announces dates for iTunes Festival London 2010

Apple has announced dates for the 2010 London iTunes Festival. The festival will run every night in July this summer. Sixty artists will be performing over thirty-one days at Camden's Roundhouse in London. The first three nights will feature performances from Scissor Sisters, Tony Bennett and Ozz...

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TUAW Talkcast live tonight at 10pm Eastern

Sunday night means it's time once again for a TUAW talkcast, in which your favorite TUAW bloggers and readers all get together over on Talkshoe and chat out the biggest Apple happenings of the past week. This week, we'll be talking about that mystery key on the iPad keyboard and what it might be for...

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Join us at 5 PM ET today for TUAW TV Live

Our regular Wednesday episode of TUAW TV Live happens at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) today. Join TUAW blogger Steve Sande as we have an hour-long discussion of this week's Apple news. Due to the issues we had last week, we'll be back to good ol' Ustream this time. Some of the potential topics of interest t...

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Macworld 2010: Telltale Games live in our booth

We're cleaning out the video files from the chaos of Macworld last week, and while we've already shared with you an interview that we did with Dan Connors of Telltale Games (who just recently announced that they're bringing their whole catalog over to the Mac), his co-founder Kevin Bruner also stop...

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TUAW TV Live: the pre-Macworld, post-iPad edition

Welcome back for another edition of TUAW TV Live with your host Steve Sande. We'll be starting at about 5:00 PM ET today with a special guest, Aaron Vronko, service manager for Rapid Repair in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Aaron provided TUAW with some insights into possible iPad hardware options a few we...

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Apple announces keyboard dock for iPad

Apple announced a few accessories for the iPad today, including an iPad Keyboard Dock. This will be welcome news for those of us who just can't get on board with an on-screen keyboard. When in the keyboard dock, the iPad sits upright, giving a more traditional laptop feel to the device. No word yet...

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Apple announces "iBooks" application for iPad

Hoping to stand on Amazon's shoulders, Apple announced its newest app, iBooks, for the new iPad device (and also for existing iPod touch/iPhone users? It wasn't clear from the statement). The iBooks app will function as an eReader, and users can download titles from the new iBooks store, starti...

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Join us for a Tablet talkcast this evening at 5:30pm Eastern

Everyone's currently engaged with the fervor over the pending announcement, but once the dust settles, there'll be lots and lots of opinions to be shared and "will you/won't you buy it" conversations to be had. That's what our talkcast is for! This evening at 5:30pm Eastern, we invite you to join us...

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Thwapr: Mobile-to-mobile video sharing from one of the creators of QuickTime

It's not every day that I get to view a product introduction on my iPhone. In fact, today may have been the first time ever that a product intro has been done through mobile messaging. Eric Hoffert was one of the original developers of QuickTime and is now the CTO for Thwapr, so he really underst...

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Join us this afternoon at 5 PM ET for TUAW TV Live

It's Wednesday, which can mean only one thing -- it's time for another hour of fun with TUAW TV Live! Our midweek adventure into everything about Apple starts at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) here at TUAW. To join in on the fun, just come on back to the site a couple of minutes before the start of the show. ...

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Talkcast this evening at 10pm EST: Best of the year

Our weekly talkcast (so called because you yourself can call in and talk with us live) is back on the virtual airwaves again this evening at 10pm Eastern, and the topic of the day is the topic of the year: we'll take a look at our top posts of 2009, from all the news surrounding last year's WWDC to...

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