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Apple to open third Netherlands retail store this weekend

Apple has announced that it will be opening another Apple Store in the Netherlands this coming Saturday, August 9. The store will be located at The Hague's Passage mall, and joins the company's other stores in Haarlem and Amsterdam. This is the third store Apple has opened in the Netherlands si...

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Sprint opens Framily Wall to iPhone users

Parents, there's good news if you've got a family plan with Sprint. The company has just opened up its Framily Wall service for iPhone users, giving iOS families access to the micro social network for the first time. Framily Wall gives those on a Sprint family plan their own app for sharing messag...

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Apple starts encrypting iCloud emails

There's good news for privacy-minded Mac users; Apple has improved the quality of iCloud's email security. All emails sent or received via iCloud email is now encrypted, even when sent to a third-party email service. Previously only emails sent between iCloud users was encrypted by Apple. While t...

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10 ways to control your iPhone with your Apple earbuds

Longtime Apple enthusiasts sometimes forget that the company is still gaining new fans every day. Apple sold 43,719,000 iPhones in the second quarter of 2014 alone. That's a lot of people who may not know all of the capabilities of their devices, let alone how to make the most of the earbuds that ...

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Mythbuster Adam Savage on how to make stopmotion animation with iPhone

Adam Savage is no stranger to mixing science with whimsy. With his hit show Mythbusters, he and partner Jamie Hyneman have tackled everything from shark attacks to death rays. Of course, that show can't film all the time. To fill the other hours in the day, Savage runs a web series called Inside...

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Apple trims max iPhone trade-in value in US, Canada

Last August, Apple launched its iPhone trade-in program in Apple Stores across the United States, offering up to $250 of trade-in credit for top of the line devices. Now, with the impending release of the iPhone 6 this fall, prices have dropped. iPhone Canada noticed that the maximum trade-in valu...

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Apple testing two-step verification on iCloud site, apps

Update 9/2/2104: It looks like this test never made it to full release, as iCloud users are still not prompted to authenticate with 2FA when logging into With all the security risks populating the world, two-step verification is the strong standard to have for information safety. Appl...

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iPod touch price cut, new 16GB model now in UK

Apple's newest 16 GB iPod touch is finally making its way around the world, complete with a reduced price and fancy new colors. Hitting U.S. stores in late June, the new touch is now available for sale in the UK for £159. It previously cost £199. Beyond the new color selections the new...

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Apple ceases development of Aperture

During this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple briefly mentioned a brand new Photos app that will introduce editing tools and iCloud sharing. Today there's a bit of follow-up news, as Apple has confirmed it will cease development of Aperture, its professional photo-editing application. ...

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SoundCloud for iPhone gets a beautiful complete overhaul

If you've never explored SoundCloud today would be a great time to start. The groundbreaking music sharing service has been exploding in popularity with independent artists over the last few years thanks to its powerful discovery and sharing tools. Today the service's iOS app has received a comple...

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First iPad app added to NYC Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection

New York City's Museum of Modern Art showcases one of the world's finest collections of modern art from across the spectrum of creation -- painting, sculpture, creative installations, and now iPad apps. MoMA has officially added added the first iPad app to its permanent collection of fine art. Th...

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Fleksy offers sneak peek at iOS 8 keyboard with beta preview program

One of the most exciting developments for iOS 8 is support for third party keyboards. This seemingly minor feature will help narrow the gap between Android and iOS when it comes to flexibility. To this day, Swype is the only thing I miss from Android. Most of us will have to wait until fall for th...

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Apple's iPad trade-in program extends to France, Germany, Spain, and the UK

This past April, Apple expanded its recycling program in North America to include any product the company has released. In addition, owners of older generation iPads could trade in their devices for credit towards a newer model. Now the program has been expanded to include more countries around t...

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Digital comic publisher threatened by Apple over adult content

Digital comics publisher Izneo has pulled much of its content from its App Store app, after being cautioned by Apple about selling adult content on the iPad. Izneo has been on the App Store since 2010, but Apple only recently reached out to the company, saying that it had just 30 hours to remov...

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Introducing comments by Livefyre on TUAW

We've gone through a few permutations in our commenting systems over the years, but I'm rather pleased to announce our latest partnership with Livefyre, which I consider to be one of the best commenting platforms out there. Livefyre's features include the ability to sign in using a variety of socia...

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